Hullavator repair

I worked on the trailer a lot yesterday, including cutting down a 6’ Burning Bush and I was exhausted and went to park the Subaru in the garage, hitting the house with a hullavator!

I wonder what I broke?

Did I bend my crossbar or my metal thingee?

And @Marshall, do you have any in stock???

Have you tried mounting the cradle to see if that alignment is toast? I took a slight ding on mine when I forgot the cradles were still up going into a parking garage a couple of years ago, but whatever I did was not much or fatal because they still work fine.

That said, mine were mounted with the brace around the square Thule bar, before they added the slot, so may be a bit more ding-tolerant than your design.

Likely the crossbar t slot got bent. Remove and inspect. Yea I have bars and Hullavator bar mount assemblies in stock.

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I’m glad it was his doing and not mine. :wink:

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Slot is bent.

I’ll go inspect the moose antlers next. But put a bar aside for me pretty please @Marshall ? I’m not making you work on a Sunday. Thanks!

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If you have access to a vise you might be able to bend it back into a usable shape. If there are any actual cracks, I’d replace it.

I replaced it. I didn’t want to worry about metal fatigue.