Hello! I have a question.
What are the shoulder pads in the Hullavator made of? In the photo I can see hard rubber. But I have bought the Hullavator now, and there is a shoulder from material with Velcro.
Does anybody now?
Photo from net:

Photo of my Hullavator shoulder:

Mine, purchased new last fall, is some sort of padding covered with nylon. The covering has a couple of velcro tabs to keep it attached to the cradle. The entire wrap is not made of velcro just the tabs.

I think, many years ago, the cradles were wrapped with rubber. But the rubber would break down. That’s an old photo…or someone put the rubber on there.

Mine are fabric and I tuck the ends of the cam straps inside once the boat is loaded. As to the hard rubber, I covered it with quarter-inch nylon backed neoprene.

Fabric, fairly tough stuff, over foam. Have never seen those portions circled with rubber.

As the cradle arm cover age, flip them like a mattress. Replacements can be ordered from Thule. I carry them at my store as well.