Hullraisers as storage

in garage? Does anyone do this? How did you attach the bar to the wall? Thanks!

home made
I made my own brackets out of 2x4’s and some 1/4" plywood (to stiffen the brackets), then draped some nylon webbing over them and bolted them to the wall. Works great, total cost about $20 and a couple hours.

I think Yakima bars are just coated galvanized pipe - you could get a similar (a little bit smaller) sized piece of plumbing pipe and a wall flange, but it wouldn’t be as strong.

You could make your own out of 2x4’s…the same type of cradle configuration without paying out the a… for cradles to mount on the wall.

I made a system for 2 kayaks mounted to my wall studs in the garage…very strong. They are nice because you just toss the yaks up, they’re stored on the side and take up less space.