Hully roller relacement?

My @#$%$# HR have once again rotated and gouged my hull when someone else was offloading my boat.They are done and will be replaced.I have Malone cradles on the front.

any suggestions for the rear?More Malones?

P.S. Any one with square bars need a set of HR ,barely used,at a reasonable price?

Round Bars
This seems to be a fairly common problem with round bars. I’ve seen complaints about saddles not staying in place and the stacker I sometimes use will rotate when boats aren’t strapped on to hold it upright. I’ve yet to find a decent solution.

foam blocks don’t scratch

A foam block may not be a bad idea.

check out
foam at Salamander Paddle Gear. The blocks are reasonable. I just ordered some along with some bulk minicell to use for thigh pads.

Hully rollers
I used the Hully Rollers for a long time and was happy with them. At one point they stopped rotating, But I removed them and worked WD40 lubricant into the roller assembly. After that, I did this about once each year and had no further problems.

two sets of mako saddles
Best combo.

Ryan L.

%&*# hully rollers
I have a 2006 Honda CRV which has only 33 inch spread between the racks. Using mako saddles and hully rollers did not hold two fiberglass sea kayaks very well with strong cross winds. So I put on a hitch and a Thule goalpost which gives me over 6 feet of spread now. It’s a lot better now with mako saddles on the ends and the hully rolles in the center. Because of the spare tire attached to the back I had to weld an extension to the thule goal post to give me the clearance that I needed to make it work.

I agree another saddle
Another saddle will work fine.

Marco Kayak Saddles
12"x21" v shaped, marine felt lined. Acts as a slide-em-up, kydek (sp?) construction so it flexes to help form to the hull and has a huge contact area so it doesn’t create wows. Just make sure to wipe off the sand before loading.

$120 Thule/Yakima $135 Aero Bar. (compared to $190 for a two pair of Thule Set-2-Go or Yakima Makos)

Just an option to foam blocks.

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Set screw
I just drilled a very small hole thru the clamp into the cross bar and put a little srew in there. No more rotating. I used a small enough screw that I don’t think it caused any weakness in the crossbar.

I like the set screw idea.

Set screw or foam blocks
Our rollers leave weird mark on the hull that must be cleaned off. So we only have one set on Maria’s car in case she needs to go out and load the boat alone. For everything else I prefer foam blocks.

A rubber bottomed bath rug is a great help in sliding boats up on a car. The rubber keeps the mat in place and the carpet lets the boat slide.

I just put racks on my new to me car. The pictures are here: