Human Powered Hauler

Looking for advice to make a body harness type device to haul canoe/kayak on a dolly that I have. Did make a single shaft out of pvc for my bike. Works good. Planning on using a 4” padded belt around my waist. Dolly has 12” tires. Just want my hands free. Probably 1-2 miles/500’ change in elevation so rigid connection. Thoughts? Something that’s manufactured out there? Figure with gear about 60lb. Thx, Joe

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I would look into the setup backpackers use for pulling pulks in the winter.

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I am not sure if I would want to tie it off to my body. It doesn’t sound really safe.

SkiPulk has a bike attachment but it would be over $500 to get it to you. Something aluminum with a couple of U-bolts would work. Check on a couple of companies that make trailers for bikes.

This sort of belt attachment might work (with a different trailer design, of course).

The company is called Hipstar.

Google “sled harness”. From what I’ve read about antarctic expeditions you pull from shoulders vs waist so you can lean into it.

Thanks everyone! I have a roof safety harness as well so will see what I come up with. Good ideas from the Hipstar site. Also found item called Pack Wheel. Good ideas there too. Gonna make it myself and needed ‘things to consider’. Terrific info. Again, thanks for the Replies!

Share some pics with us when you’re ready!

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Don’t have a link nor recall where I saw it but I remember a guy who made a kayak dolly using half the frame of a salvaged old-style baby carriage. The larger wheels and taller, shock-absorbing frame structure put the boat more on level with his mid-body and easier to tow with less effort. He had made it in order to tow with a bicycle but I remember his video where he demonstrated how easy it was to tow the boat on foot as well.

After much trial and error, here’s what I came up with…basically a Rickshaw! Will be taking a Hobie i9 Mirage and camping/fishing gear. I was surprised how much ‘evolution’ took place to end up with what I needed! The only items purchased were PVC pipe for handles and fasteners. Wanted to keep the sled open hence the paracord to the frame (truckers hitch). Should be fine. I’ll be making a rack to correctly secure a canoe in the future. See any fatal flaws, please say so! Will be heading north for the trip I mention in original post around mid September.

Good stuff! I do like solving problems with DIY fixes.