Hummingbird depthfinder for my Trident13

Have a OK Trident 13, wanting to install a depthfinder. OK seems to recommend Hummingbird. I thought I could afford a Fishfinder 565, black and white, dual beam.

A couple of questions. Should I consider a combo GPS/depthfinder instead, worth the extra 100.00? Anyone with experience with Hummingbird 300 series units? What kind of transducer is used with the OK in scupper transducer mounting?

I can’t remeber the type right off hand but the 300 series comes with the correct one. If you get the 500 series you can exchange the transducer for the correct one by calling Humminbird and telling them you’re putting it on a kayak.

The GPS might be worth it for general course mapping but the maps are generic. Only the high end Humminbirds accept map software.

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Lots of guys have put fishfinder on/in thier kayaks.

I have one, but I mounted the transducer on the outside. It’s an Oldtown so I can’t shoot through the middle foam layer.

If you can add a chart nav card
such as Navionics, YES. Very cool stuff!