Huntsville, AL Area Outfitters?

Where do you guys in and around Huntsville go for kayak/canoe accessories? I’ve been to Alabama Outdoors before and they didn’t seem to stock a whole lot of boat stuff. I got the names of Outdoor Omnibus and Trailhead, Inc off of the Huntsville Canoe Club site. Are either one of these any good? Are there others I haven’t found yet? Has anyone been to the new outfitter in downtown Guntersville? Thanks!

B’ham has a very active…
…group of paddlers.

slide down to their board and ask them.

Huntsville "Area"
Gander Mountain in Huntsville has some stuff. Forget Trailhead, nice folks, no water. Alabama Small Boats is in Helena, just south of B’ham. Rock Creek Outfitters in Chattanooga. Not much choice close even though there’s a lot of great paddling around. Outfitters generally don’t make a lot of money and everyone here is doing pretty well at the high tech, government trough.


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Guntersville Outfitters at 534 Gunter Avenue (431 South) in Guntersville has the basics, PFD's, Dry Bags, Paddle Floats, cheap and midgrade paddles....mainly SOT's and canoes, SOT's are Ocean Kayaks.....Darren and April Own the store,



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Thanks for the replies. I've been by Guntersville Outfitters but haven't stopped in yet. I went by Alabama Small Boats yesterday....all I can say abou their operation is "WOW!" Their gear inventory leans a bit more towards whitewater but their boat selection is diverse and impressive. I had never seen so many canoes and kayaks in one place before. The salesman said they are the 2nd or 3rd biggest Wenonah dealer in the country.

AL Small Boats
Let me warn you. They are psychic. They know just how much money I have when I get out of the truck because I always leave broke :}. If they don’t have it they will get it for you. They now are selling online. Their prices are right there with the “Big Box” chains. So far five of my boats came from them. They also offer instruction and trips.

Greg Hester

I now just what you mean…

I went in there needing “just this” and then there was “and that” and a few minutes later it was “oh yeah, and that, too!”

I was thinking I’d spend about $50 or $60…I ended up dropping $135.