Huntsville, AL Question

A non-paddling related question for my friends in North Alabama:

I’ll be traveling my new territory with my boss next week and we will be spending 3 nights (M, T and W) in Huntsville.

Can anyone recommend a few good restaurants, preferably some non chain type places or something unusual?

I recall years ago visiting the combination BBQ and Sushi place downtown (the name escapes me at the moment) but I heard it’s no longer in business.

Other suggestions? Thanks!

Most Restaurants here,
and we have a bunch of them, are either chain-type or just kind of generic. There is Greenbriar out on I-565 though.

Top o’ the River in Guntersville is good and so is Bob Gibson’s in Decatur, but they’re both a bit of a long drive. Personally, I don’t really like the Gibson’s in Huntsville, but a lot of folks do. It’s a different family member than the one in Decatur.

A few that come to mind
Rosie’s (Mexican) - fast and very good

One on University near the Target Shopping Center

Tim’s Cajun Kitchen - unique place

On Hwy 53 just north of I-565

Logan’s Roadhouse (good steaks and burgers)

Off of Airport on Balmoral and another near Targer on University

Beauregards - good place for wings

3 locations: Airport, North Parkway by Toys R Us, and University near Target

Royal Buffet (Chinese) - Wide selection

On Drake Ave just west of the Parkway


Steak Out (for take-out steak, salad, and sandwiches) - good stuff

Call and they deliver to the office

If you’ll be in a particular part of town, let me know and I might think of others.


I recall there being a German and a French place there a while back ( 5 years since last visit ). Locals may know what I am talking about.


You’re right about
the German place. Called Ol’ Heidelberg and it’s a very good place to eat.

Check out the “House of Brews” good food, music, and atmosphere.


it’s now in a shopping center just west of University Drive and Rideout Road, the major intersection near Madison Square Mall.

also, try the restaurants in the new Bridge Street Shopping center (Rideout road and Old Madison Blvd.) still chains but more ecclectic in nature.

for the suggestions. My boss is even more of a “road warrior” than I am so I know how tired of the same 'ole -same 'ole restaurants he gets. Several of the above suggestions sounded good. I’ve been to the Gibson’s in Decatur myself but never to the one in Huntsville. We’ll be staying in Madison but traveling all over the Decatur-Athens-Madison-Huntsville area between Monday and Wednesday. Thursday, we’ll be down in Guntersville and Gadesden.

Are you staying
on Madison Blvd (Hwy 20) or on Hwy 72?

Port of Madison on 20 was pretty good the last time I ate there - maybe a little pricey. Greenbrier is also on 20 and I’ve heard several brag about it.

On 72 there is a King Buffet (Chinese) and a Thai place. Also an Outback Steakhouse (chain). A local chain called Backyard Burgers in a little closer in too town and they make some pretty good food.

And I also recommend stopping by Bridge Street on Rideout which is now called Research Park Blvd. Their web page is:

Last time I was there the only restaurant was the Biscuits and Blues - a guy from New Orleans runs the place and the food is pretty darn good for a place that looks more like a concession stand. Looks like Red Robin may be open now (expensive burgers) and so is a pizza place.

The movie theater has a lounge and I’ve heard the “VIP” balcony seats are cushy chairs and couches, and you can have snacks and drinks brought to you while you watch the movie. Sounds real swanky…


Madison Blvd
Madison Blvd just off 565 and in the general vicinity of the airport. Not exactly my first choice of location but it was centrally located to the areas we’ll be visiting through the week.