Huntsville Wed Nite Pics

Huntsville, Alabama Canoe Club, Wednesday Night Paddling Pics

Tennessee River, Hobb’s Island Loop

12 (I think?) total paddlers, including 2 first timers…

Nice. I lived in Madison…

…for several years, and it’s still the visual image I

get when I say the word “Home.”

Looks like a nice place to paddle
Thanks for sharing.



I appreciate the input!

I was expecting…
Wedding night pics.

Well now…

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that's a whole 'nother thing!

Actually, I do recall a wedding in Louisiana that involved the bride and groom crossing a lake in 2 solo canoes, exchanging vows and then paddling off together in a tandem canoe.

Did they come back divorced? :slight_smile:

Very nice lush foliage
I enjoyed the pics. Thanks.

Thanks for posting Bryan

Very nice photos! I may steal a couple of them from you…

Really enjoyed the trip. How did you like the yellow boat?



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I liked it...I was a little shaky at first as it was the narrowest boat I had ever paddled (22" compared to my 2 24" boats). It seemed like it would be a fairly maneuverable boat despite it's length. The skeg (about 1/3 down) really dialed in the tracking.