Huron cruiser

Anyone built or paddled this Steve Killing design- or similar design? I’m trying to convince myself to pull the trigger on my first build and am looking for a design with lots of glide. I have only paddled VERY stable canoes such as the OT Tripper and was looking for something different. Any comments or comparisons on what I might expect?

Huron Cruiser
I posted this some time ago with no responses. Can anyone comment on this design? It’s a much narrower hull than the tripper which we paddle- my only point of reference. I’m looking a different paddling experience, but don’t want to spend that much time and effort on a build only to find that the canoe is so unpredictable that it’s not enjoyable to paddle. Any comments would be appreciated

Suggest you look and ask on

Mostly Canadians, and more are familiar with Steve Killing designs. I have heard the Huron mentioned on that site, but not often, and I don’t recall anything that was said about it.

Thanks EZ. Google search hasn’t turned up much. I did have a couple of hits but mainly discussing the build process. One had a brief description of paddling. Said it was very “tippy”, but in the photo the canoe did not look balanced to me- but then again I’m not very experienced either. Thanks for site info. I’ll sure check into it and see what I can find. BTW Huron specs are-

Length. 15-9

Width at gunnel. 31"

Max width 32.5"

Waterline width 30.25"

Bow/stern height 22"

Center height 13.5"

Rocker ~ 1.75"

It’s a teensy bit wide for a solo.
Are you tall enough to reach to take the strokes comfortably? I’m 6’ 5" and none of my solo canoes is over 30 inches. If you are in doubt, look at the next smaller Killing offering.

I don’t know of a Killing design that lacks adequate stability. Anyway, whatever you build, as you first get used to it, you will probably be paddling in a kneeling position, in which stability is less of an issue.