Huron River, southeast Michigan

I know there are several members who paddle the Huron River in Southeast Michigan, and I would like some info aimed at paddling down it in a 15’ kayak with camping gear …

Should I use a spray skirt to traverse the rapids in the Delhi area and the Argo Cascades, or otherwise take precautions such as unloading the boat and carrying my stuff around them? (I’ve never seen the Delhi area)

Is there a way to get around the portage at French Landing dam? Perhaps wheel the kayak from French Landing Park on the north side and down the road to an alternative launch site, like the bridge on East Huron River Drive, or some hole in the woods?


Small update: I found the short and easy portage around the Argo dam and cascades.

Wish i could answer this from my laptop. Admin does not respond.

It is possible to get wet wo a spray skirt at hudson mills and delhi. If water level is too low the rapids below bell rd are a rock garden. Right now its clear but downed trees can be a problem below placeway in island lake ra. Flatrock dam blocked me.
No real camping spots below hudson mills.

Thank you much!

fyi - I paddled in Lower Huron MP a few weeks ago and their campground is almost right on the water, and it has a sign on the bank, so that will be a good camping spot for night 4.

I paddled Proud Lake to Island Lake RA (riverbend) last Saturday and it was amazing. The headwind was much more of a factor on the river than I expected; on the lakes the headwind was just as I expected.