Hurrican Tracer

There is a Hurrican Tracer on eBay, nice looks almost new. Looks like it might go cheap, the bid is only $600 with 12 hours to go. Here is the problem. I’m in South Texas and the boat is in Pennsylvania about 1,700 miles away. It will cost me about $700 in gas to to and get the boat in my pick-up and the guy won’t ship.

Is there some other way?

My guess: the eBay bid will be closer
to $1000 by the end of the auction, and the transport poimnt will be moot.

G’luck, WMitty, in your bid. Hope you find one closer to home–shipping thermo and glass boats is a fool’s errand.

So even . . .
. . . if I figured a way to get it shipped I probably wouldn’t be happy?

Fair warning, Mitty.
If you don’t want additional bidders with which to compete for a boat, posting on pnet prior to the end is counterproductive. I learned this when I asked for advice on an Autumn Mist awhile back, only stating it was for sale locally. Within a day someone not only found the craigslist ad for it, but posted a link to the address. Suddenly there were two or three people from out of state interested and emailing the seller. That takes away the ability to negotiate a better price. On eBay, it means you may be bidding against another half dozen or so bidders, eliminating a good price.

I noticed that the listing stated the Buy-It-Now price was only $750. Anyone local to the area that wanted that boat not willing to pay 50% off is an idiot. So there may not be that much interest. Do you know anyone in PA that would be willing to pick it up for you and arrange shipping? Other than that, it sounds like you’re out of luck . . . .


I’d suggest to check out that …
… particular boat in person and specifically the shape and straightness of the hull. Or at least ask for a nice clear photo of the front of the hull. It looked crooked to me when I saw it, but does it matter in the water - no idea…

the boats 1700 miles away …

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.......... and the seller doesn't ship it for you .

If you want it , you first have to win it , and then arrange your own transport .

I may not understand what you are asking ??

Some other way ??

Are you just saying "what a bummer" ??

In any case , this is the usual way $$$$$$$$$$$ .

Did you look . . .
. . . at that particular boat?

$811.70 Final sale price.
Heck of a deal for someone . . . .