Hurricane Aquasport Tracer

Does anyone have any knowledge, demoed or experience with this boat? If so what are its’ paddeling characteristics (tracker or roughwater nimble) What boats like (Avocet/Romany/Capella/Tempest) would it most compare to. Is it quality built?

next one down
I had the Santee XL for 2 years that Hurricane makes. I believe the Tracer is the same material, Trylon or something like that. I liked the boat material. Tough with some flexiblity. I only sold my boat for something longer and faster. I bought a kevlar/carbon QCC Kayak, but I like the Hurricane boats. I think they want a pretty penney for them now though…

My paddling friend took his Tracer
out for the first time yesterday. He doesn’t visit much but I’ll tell him about your question.

He paid about $1300 for it, I think. It is a low volume boat compared to everything else we had out - a QCC 500,a CLC 17, and a couple of Cape Horns.

He said he found it more comfortable than his Carolina and MUCH more responsive. He and another guy who tried it found it to be very touchy, but nobody got dunked.

Fit and finish are first class; it is a beautiful boat.

I talked to the Tracer guy last night.
He said that he can’t answer your questions after one 3-hour paddle. He did say that to paddle it , you better know how to brace.

Yea man, glad to see this post! I was at a dealer last Friday looking at Neckys and Prijons (both nice quality) and a Hurricane Aquasport Tracer was sitting on the floor and caught my attention real quick. I walked over to check it out and it was one of these! VERY nice boat, and the looks of the hurricane just hits you in the face as all the other hurricane models he had! Let’s hear more about this boat!

Talked to a dealer…
about one of these today (Tracer) and he really bragged about it. The Trylon material sounds similar to Eddyline’s Carbonlite (is that right?) and I definitely like the weight of it (46 pounds). I could get a new one for $1,150 which is less than I would pay for some plastic kayaks with similar dimensions.

Any reason I should consider the plastic boats over the Tracer?


plastic vs tracer
depends on how much muscle you have. plastic definately heavier. Trylon is easy to clean, looks like a glass boat and is just slips through the water ~

I just bought a Tracer

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I had a Carolina . . . there is a world of difference. It is very touchy after the Carolina. I need to brush up on my technique.

It's quality and craftmanship are first rate. It looks like a $2500 boat.

It is a boat you will not out grow in a few month and can turn on a dime (well a dollar at any rate).

My suggestion is; if you can find one buy it. They are hard to find and most are sold before they hit the store. The Rep. told me the factory had so many orders it could take 8 - 10 weeks if you order one.

It tracks well, its very nimble and looks good. I have have it out in some chop. . .It was somewhat unnerving a first but you get used to it quickly. If you try it you will buy it.

One more thng
I asked dealers from Illinios to Florida about Hurricane. No one had anything bad to say about the company (even those who did not handle Hurricane boats). One dealer said the compnay has gone far beond normal service standards for him on a boat which was abused by the customer (I think he forgot to tie it down. Several dealers had them in their rental fleet and rave about there durability.

Like I said “Try it and you will buy it”.

also check the archives under Hurricane You will find several posts on this company