Hurricane Ian

Well it seems to be moving east now. The track seems to be moving south for land fall. Us NE Fl folks might just work out for us. Good news for Tampa. This one has worried a lot of people. Sorry Port Charlotte.

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I live in St Pete so I packed up and drove to the SE part of the state yesterday. Took two of the kayaks but had to leave two. Quite worried about my boat but the track moving a little south is good. Please heed all warning and evacuation notices if you are in the path of this storm!


That’s gotta be tough. Stay safe!

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Got two worries- our place in Key Largo where I have six boats tied on a rack which is doubled tied to some Arica Palms and our second brand new house in Citrus Springs where we have six more boats in the garage, but right now the new house is directly in the path of the eye.
We are in the mountains of NC and will watch to see if we dodged the bullit.

Jack L


All things must pass

Hope all is well on the west coast of FL, we’ll be getting the rain and winds in NE FL.
I may get out tomorrow, probably not on Thur or Fri (as Ian comes by).
It’s been a nice run, but all things must pass.
Day 1119

(Day 1 from above was just after Dorian)

Consecutive will be back to 1 on Friday or Saturday.


I hope everyone in my neck of this thing feels safe and secure.

The good thing is that it is moving slow enough that the evacuees should be able to get where they are going.

The bad thing is that it is moving slowly and will sit on us for quite a while. A lot of rain is going to be falling in my neighborhood.

Hoping for the best outcome. this looks to be a rough one. My 98-year-old Dad lives in Longwood. In 1926 they lived in Miami and lost the house he lived in and all the houses on the street but for one. They didn’t know there was a hurricane coming until the day it hit. I have been worried about you and your boat since they projected it would hit the FL west coast.


Track has moved south and east of my boat’s location. Should be no problems there, but a really big mess for folks along the coast from Sarasota to Naples. Huge storm surge coming there and the storm is almost a Cat 5 now. :frowning: Still nasty here on the SE coast, we had a bunch of tornado warnings last night and one that did some damage a few miles away.

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Scary stuff. I hope all of you in Florida stay safe!

God bless! I have friends in Tampa and others places getting hit.

That looks a lot like the Erikson 35 I am a (6-way) partner on.

Looks like you spent a bit of time stripping all the canvas off.

@Peter-CA Tartan 3800. Yes it took a bit getting the canvas and sails off. I did the headsail myself but hired a local rigging company to take the mainsail off. Just too big to handle myself with limited time.


Hundreds killed :scream: hope it’s 100% wrong. God bless.

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Given the storm surge that took place - 6’ plus - and the fact that so many elected to “ride it out” and the subsequent calls for assistance…

By the Grace of…


It’s really rough down in the Ft Myers area. Partial collapse on the Sanibel Causeway. A paddling friend’s parents are trapped in their flooded house in Northport. :disappointed:

Good news on my end, the marina came through with very little damage and my boat is fine. I’ll probably head home on Saturday or Sunday. A friend sent me this pic this morning.


Lee County Sheriff likely spoke early. He based it upon 911 calls during the storm that they couldn’t respond to until this morning. Numbers to be verified. They were largely people that didn’t evacuate. Coast Guard did pull some off of roofs early this morning.

There was a 72 year old north of there that went out in the height of the storm to drain water from the pool. They found the body in the canal.

Sorry SC seems you are getting company…

My daughter is back home in Tampa area. No significant damage. Power and cable on.

We are waiting for Ian to pass by. Wind 20 gusting to 43. Rain light. Supposed to be worse at night…of course. :angry:


Latest I heard was 10 dead. Maybe not all from storm. No o official numbers yet. God bless.

power back on here (has been on & (mostly) off since Wed night (even though little rain, moderate winds).
Will probably stay off the river (St Johns) again today - flooding from upstream, debris strewn.
Hope those on the upside of the Jacksonville downtown ‘dam’ (constriction) get through the high water ok (San Marcos, etc)

regarding the ‘numbers’, the predictions were for it to hit Tampa, until it was too late for those south to evacuate. Not surprised if there is a bigger count. Best wishes for folks down there, as well as to those in SC getting the reformed hurricane soon.

Friends on Pawleys Island report a lot of wind and rain . Their house is 12’ above sea level and the tide is low. Good so far.
And have plenty of beer and Scotch.