Hurricane Kayaks

Has anyone bought and reviewed a Hurrican Kayak lately? I coundn’t get near the salesman at the Canoecopia a few months ago. Someone has had to use one since then. Looking at the Santee 116 and 116 sport.

great kayaks
We own Tracers and Tampico’s and they have been really good boats. I don’t own but have paddled the Santee 116 and it’s quite fast for only 11.5 feet. I am a petite women so I prefer a narrower boat but could see why people would buy the Santee over a Pungo,Loon or Kestrel. Having the front and rear bulkhead walls is a plus on any boat the way I see it and not many in this length have them. Our local dealer said the 116 is one of his best selling kayaks out of the five brands he stocks.

likes her Tracer. We bought it used a three years ago, have stored it out back on the rack under the palms since, and the Trylon’s held up well indeed, still looking like newly gel-coated glass when washed. It’s relatively easy to tote for a 16-1/2 foot boat -at under 50 pounds -and it’s one we recommend for many to look at to


-Frank in Miami

Great company
I have a also Tracer and love it. The company’s customer service is outstanding. When you call with a question or need help you will more than likly talk to an owner not a service rep.

They have come out with a new boat, Tampico 140 S. Looks nice would like to get my wife to try one.


Have owned two
and you can’t go wrong with them, in my opinion.

Hurrican Kayaks - Thanks for the IP
Thanks for the input. I will test driving them in a couple of weeks.

I own the Santee 116 sport.
It is my first kayak,and I have only had it out a few times. I got the sport with the large cockpit so I can take my 19 lb. dog. It works well for taking the dog, but when I don’t have her along, I wish I didn’t have such a large cockpit for the following reasons: Too much sun on my legs - I will be ordering a half skirt; also I would like more deck with elastic cord in front of me so I could have a place to park the paddle, water bottle, etc. Another reason I chose the Santee is because it is light and I can get it onto the J-racks on top of my Trailblazer. I’m only 5’3", so I have to use a stepstool, but I can do it myself.

I can’t comment on how it handles on the water because I don’t have enough experience to tell the difference except that I tried a few other rec. kayaks with my friends, and they seemed more barge-like than my Santee. They were harder to get moving.

Hurricane Expedition
Demmoed (but did not buy) a Hurricane Expedition last fall. Good all around boat…light, nice lines, plenty of watertight storage. Still on my “short list” as a possible next boat.

My brother has a Hurricane SOT
and loves it.

Santee 116
I’ve had the Santee 116 for 2 seasons. It’s a great rec kayak for it’s size and price. It looks good, handles well and is light, although about 5 lbs. heavier than listed(about 44lbs.)I have really enjoyed it for day trips and even 2 night trips.

Check the classifieds
here on There is one for sale.

agree that Hurricane…
builds a nice boat.

I have an older Santee, 10’. Very stable and an oversized cockpit makes it a great choice for beginners but also has reasonable speed for such a short boat. Only complaint is it has developed a stress crack in the hull (not leaking yet).