Hurricane Phoenix 120

I checked for reviews but the latest was out of date by a year or two.

According to the Hurricane’s website the 120 has been changed substantially including lowering the seat for improved stability.

I wondered if anyone had paddled one of the new models and what did you think? It seems to be one of the few new boats without some sort of added feature (padding, backrest) to the seat. Not sure if that’s a drawback or not but I don’t want to sit wet for sure.

The seat area doesn’t drain

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Seat is optional. Consider the Santee 116 Sport.

Prefer a SOT
without the molded footwells

and lightweight

the 116 extra long might be an option if I have to default to a sit in.

right now all I can seem to find that fits the bill

are the Tarpon 12 ultralight and Phoenix

it would be nice to have a lightweight 10’ option but haven’t seen one I like.

Why such a short boat?
Have you paddled the 14’ version? If you plan to cover any distance,short boats are very inefficient.

Have you looked at the
Mad River Synergy 12? It’s sort of a hybrid between a SOT and canoe, but it has no scupper holes and slightly higher sides so you probably wouldn’t get wet unless you’re in rough water (and then the boat won’t drain).

I haven’t paddled one but I’ve heard they’re fun.


Mad River
I looked up the Mad River and its 60 lbs.

I’m looking for 40 lbs or less.

Length comment - I am planning on sticking to small lakes and rivers and would like to be able to explore poke around on some of the lesser known (less popular) smaller river/creeks. So manuverabity/turning for me is as important, maybe even more important than speed.

So a SOT that’s light and maneuverable without the molded foot grooves.

The Native Craft hybrids look good but they would be hard to…unswamp? than at SOT, a little harder to get in and out of, and too heavy in regular plastic.

I don’t know if what you’re looking for

Most SOT’s tend toward the heavy side. The ones that actually are lightweight (40 pounds or under) usually have molded in footbraces, not adjustable ones. I can’t think of any exceptions. Bueller… Bueller… anybody???

The Epic GP Sport
would fit the bill at about 30 lbs and 12 foot, but it was expensive and they don’t appear to make them anymore. The old day late/dollar short thing applies…


!0’s may not exist but 12’s do

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The Tarpon 12 Ultralight and Hurricane Phoenix are my top 12 foot contenders, both sit on tops under 40 lbs.

For a sit in 12' , the extra large cockpit of the Santee XL
with the 100 LT being a sit in 10' contender at around 33 lbs.

Just no sit on top 10' contenders at under 40 bls. Just the large cockpit sit in.
Best 10' sit on tops (on paper) maybe Redfish 10 which is 46 lbs (prob 50 with seat etc.) and
Tarpon 100 which I love the looks of feature wise but its 55 lbs!

The Phoenix redesign lowered the
bow and stern, more like a Tarpon. The original design caught a lot of wind.

Phoenix 120
I think if you were to try the Santee 116 Sport you’d find the large open cockpit to be almost the same feel as a sit on top but you’d stay drier. With two bulkheads Mary you’d have a safe boat if you every did swamp which is unlikely based on the description you listed for where you wish to paddle.The 116’s are great paddling boats and track well. Easier to carry IMO and who knows-someday you may feel comfortable with a skirt or half skirt and you can’t do that with a sit on top.

150 lb paddler max
I had an Epic GP Sport and at 170 I was too heavy for it if I carried any fishing stuff. Great boat for a light weight paddler.