Has anyone tryed this boat? There are no reviews on this site. It looks and sounds pretty good on Google and other sites. There’s a dealer near me in the Texas Gulf coast and I may try one this weekend. If so, I’ll post a review. It’s that same old addition you know, always looking for a new boat.

Post on TKF
That’s There seems to be several folks there that really like them. Some say they are almost a direct copy of the T-140, but personally I don’t see it. Search the Saltwater forum, or post a question. There are two places that carry these boats, Southwest Paddle Sports up in the Woodlands and CFS Fly Shop in La Marque. Good luck.

nice boat
really liked it a lot. And if you turn it upside down and look at the hull compared to a tarpon 140 I doubt you would see any difference at all. It was only 3 lbs lighter than the scupper pro which I thought beat it for speed and handling a bit so we got that instead. It was a close call on which one to buy.


Or Maybe Wait A Bit
Current Designs is supposedly coming out with a composite Krestal in May that will be also be 14’ long. Even lighter at about 36#

I have a Hurricane
Trace. I can not say much about the boat your looking at. But when I was trying to find info on the company before I bought mine I heard only good things about it. I had a few questions so I call the company and they passed me up to the president of the company. He answered all question and was very helpful.

Several outfitters have also said good things about them as a company.

Demo the boat and see what you think.

let us know what you think about it.

Good luck.

I demo’d one …
but not enough to write a review… I wouldn’t write a review until the “new car smell” wore off, say about a year. It was OK. I liked the Kestrel SOT better… JMHO GH

Phoenix 14
We own 3 Hurricanes and they are really nice kayaks. We test paddled the Phoenix 14 and 12’s last fall thinking about fly fishing out of them. The 12 was not stable enough for hubby and we both liked the 14. We also paddled the Tarpon and the Phoenix was way lighter and easier to get moving. We weren’t happy with the scupper hole placement but the dealer said they moved them several months ago to provide better drainage and also gave it more leg length for the foot braces which hubby will like. Based on our appreciation of the Trylon models we own we’ll probably buy two as soon as we solve our little ahem…storage problem. (Five kayaks means no room for cars any more!)

Huricane is redesigning the 140 and coming out with a 160. Maybe around June.

Sounds Good
What are your sources? How do you know? Any more details?

The kayak has gotten a lot of attention
on Tarpon lovers hate it, claim its a rip-off, but those who have them and/or paddle them love 'em. The 120 apparently is too small for those of us on the high side of 160 or so. Best to check out tkf or for reviews of this kayak. As its a “different” plastic, it would be best to try before you buy it. Tkf also had a thread about the redesign of the boat.

cannot comment directly…
…about that model, only that Hurricane has my respect as boatbuilders and probably has as much experience as any co. making thermoplastic hulls.

If I had the funds, wouldn’t hesitate to
get a hurricane. Don’t see any problems with thermoplastic hulls you don’t have with milk bottle ones, probably few. Most of what I hear about the kayak is that its fast for a fishing oriented SOT.

check the Hurricane site
In the “What’s new” area they talk about the PHOENIX 16 footer. Don’t know how long that has been up but it is there now. I have a Tracer and my wife wants a lighter faster boat for her. I’ll have to find a local dealer and check it out.

Thanks, Got One
Thanks everyone for a wealth of information. I picked one up today after work at Connie Mack Moran’s shop in La Marque, Texas. He gave me a good deal and the boat looks great. I’ll post a review after I get it wet a few times. Great sport, great website!