hurricane phoenix

Hi folks

Today I have an opportunity to demo Hurricane Phoenix sit on tops- 13’ and 14’.

Given that the longer boat is 52 pounds versus 46 lb. for the shorter boat, am I likely to notice an appreciable difference in how the 2 boats handle in the water? On land the difference is just enough to cause me some difficulty in carrying and car topping. However, if the 14 boat will be all that much better in the water, I am open to getting a cart. However, I would really prefer not to have to spend the extra money. My purpose is for exploration and relaxation on lakes, ponds, and streams.

Female, 5’6", 140.

Thanks in advance for your thoughts.

Try them both…
I can’t imagine the 14 would be that much superior on the water to justify the additional hassle and expense.

Let me know
How the paddle went. I fell in love with the Phoenix 14 at a store a couple weeks ago. Hurricanes are manufactured about 60 miles from here in Warsaw, NC.

Hurricane SOTs
Those are 2 models that I’ve also been looking at and would be interested in hearing more about how the demo went for you.

bought the 130

I tried the 120, 130 and the 140. It was a very small pond though- just enough room to get a feel for the boat, paddle it a few strokes and turn it around.

The 120 did not have foot braces and I found the foot wells didn’t seem to fit me right. I prefer to bend my knees and if I did that in the 120, the paddle shaft interfered with my knees (ouch). The boat turned noticably easier though and had a nice glide even when I stopped paddling. The knees issue convinced me it was not the boat for me. I felt like I was sitting up a little higher in the seat too- not sure why. All 3 boats are the same width and I used the same Yakpad seat.

The 140 was too heavy for me on land (ugh). I paddled it anyway so I could compare. For some reason a little water was entering the footwells area with this boat. It had a nice glide as well.

The 130 seemed to be a nice compromise between the other 2 boats. Nice glide, dry seat and foot area. Not an undoable weight although I might consider a cart anyway just to make life easier.

This boat had a little (like 2 tblsps. of water) in the bilge area. The store looked the boat over carefully and applied some kind of goop to the drain holes and to the one central drain hole located on the bottom just to make sure it would be ok. I plan to keep an eye on it first few times out just to be sure.

The boat is so pretty- yellow with white bottom. I’m really looking forward to getting it on the water tomorrow. The goop stuff has to sit over night, unfortunately. That’s ok.

Thanks for your interest. Hope this is helpful!