Hurricane Santee 116 Sport???

This weekend, I tried a regular Hurricane Santee 116, (formerly XL), and really liked it, except that I wished the cockpit was roomier. Well, much to my amazement, there is a Santee 116 with a roomier cockpit, called the 116 Sport. Unfortunately, there are no reviews, and doing a search of all these forums over the past year, I find no mention of this boat at all. Is there anybody out there that knows this boat? The local dealers know little about it other than the sparse literature that’s available on the website.

Given that one of the few reviews on this site about a similar boat mentions stress cracking and an unresponsive customer service dept, I’ve just about written this one off my prospects list, but if there are any here that have any input on it, I’d sure appreciate it, as it’s almost exactly what I originally envisioned as fitting my needs when I began this go-round of looking for a light birding boat.


My wife had the XL and it was
plenty roomy. She loved it had gives me greif that we sold it and did not keep it for small lake/river paddling. We both liked it and would buy another one if the need was there.

I have a Hurricane boat
I have a Hurricane Tracer. Made of the same material. Have had not problem with stress cracking. I saw the same post before I bought my boat. I talk to the factory rep about it. He asked me to tell that person to contact them. I posted that on the thread. To my knowledge he never contacted the factory.

Before I bought my boat I too had questions about the material. I called the factory and ended up talking to the President. Try that with any of the large companies.

I spoke to several outfitters before and after I bought mine. Many had stories about their dealing with customer service. Each one said Hurricane went far above what they had to needed to do to resolve the situation.

I like the boat. I like the material. We were unloading once and it slipped out of her hands and hit the concrete with no damage.

If you like to buy it. You’ll be happy you did.

paddeled with someone with one of those
Was paddling yesterday with someone who has one of those, seemed like an awfuly nice boat.

He had the normal cockpit one, seemed to do quite well for him, and he commented on how much he liked it.

and it’s held up well in the year-and-a-half we’ve had it -after buying it used -perhaps a year old when we got it, probably coming out of livery.

It’s been a fine material. It’s picked up minor scratches here & there, but has held up very well, even stored outside in our South Florida sun (and having weathered last years Witches Trio of Kate, Rita, & Wilma). A drop (thunk!) or two carrying it (once, onto rocks) hasn’t really done anything to it. It still cleans up and shines beautifully, still looks like fresh glass.

We had a skeg installed by a shop, and I corresponded with Jon at Hurricane, and his field rep, and they were good to do business with.

I can’t address the boat issues (the Tracer is a 16-1/2’ X 22-3/4" tourer), or the regular vs. XL sizing (I prefer a slightly -but only slightly -more snug than regular fit, don’t like loose fits) but as to company & materials, I say you’ll be OK if you like & go with the XL to


-Frank in Miami

thanks for the replies!!
I wasn’t sure that I was going to get ANY responses to this thread, as it seems like there’s so little info out there on these boats. Thanks to all who’ve replied so far. At the moment, I’m leaning heavily towards a Pungo 120 Classic for 1/2 the cost of the Santee 116 Sport.

ooohh wait…
It is the same boat as the 116. The only difference is the bow hatvh and bulkhead and the open cockpit. You will be much happier with the Santee 116 compared to the pungo!

happier why?

Why do you say I’ll be happier in the Santee? I know it’s probably faster, and it’s definitely lighter. But, I just went and, again, sat in one, and there’s just no room for my gear: (a tripod and daypack with raingear, jacket, lunch etc.) There’s no place to put even a small softside drink cooler. Maybe the more open cockpit Sport one addresses this better, since that’s what it was designed for. But, I’ve not yet seen one. I’m going to start a separate thread on what I’m looking for, and what I’ve tried to date.




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Don't you mean WHO you've tried to date...?"

Maybe THAT'S the problem... ;->

Following that route you'll maybe never find a partner with whom you might


-Frank in Miami

Probably me!
The Santee is a very nice little boat - I’ve been taking it up and down the Huron river in Southeast Michigan. It has a great deal of cargo capacity, goes surprisingly fast, and is easy to load. Looks good too.

I almost got the Santee 116 Sport for the purpose of kayaking with my Chesapeake retriever, but realized she’d probably spend more time leaping out of the boat than staying in.

Hurricane makes good gear. I’d recommend them, you’ll enjoy yourself.

Figured you’d show up
I had a feeling you’d show up and reply

Yes it was you :slight_smile:

Dont be so jumpy
The Santee XL and Sport share the same hull. Only the deck has been changed so that paddlers like you have the option of the larger cockpit. The Santee’s stiffer, lighter hull should give you a better level of performance. That said, the Pungo is an excellent boat also but I believe draws a little more water.

that was my point…

I have the “standard” Santee…
(10’ x 30") & have written a very positive review about it here. The person I bought it from also tested the XL & was not impressed…even speed-wise, he chose the 10’…

Anyway…I’m wondering if anything I wrote (in the message boards) may be what you’re referring to? Yes, mine has stress cracks in the hull & I have no idea how they got there…I contacted Hurricane about it but never got a response (but perhaps because they know I’m not the original owner).

This said, I would not steer you away from Hurricane; I think they build great boats.

A Pungo & a Santee XL are very different boats…demo before buying if at all possible.