Hurricane Santee vs. Eddyline Skylark

First off, am I correct in my assumption that the Santee 116 and the Skylark are pretty much in the same category?

I paddled a friend’s Santee 116 briefly–it was more or less OK, but it didn’t seem to track straight, and the foot pegs were awful! (Can’t be adjusted while in the kayak.)

I’ve yet to demo the Skylark but plan to. From my reading, it appears to me that the Skylark is a bit higher quality, but I may be being influenced by the fact that it’s also $500 more. Opinions?

My biggest problem with the Skylark thus far is that it’s 5 lb. heavier than the Santee; weight is the major reason for my buying a 2nd kayak. (Currently have a Tsunami 125; like it, but it’s 55 lbs.)

Has anyone tested or owned both of these kayaks? Thanks!

(And hi, Steve!) ;O)


Skylark is better
They are both in the same recreational category, but there are differences in quality. I haven’t paddled either one of these kayaks, but I know Eddyline and Hurricane fairly well and have paddled different models of both.

What is better about the Skylark:

– 6" longer and 2" narrower, which should make it quite a bit faster.

– The cockpit is smaller, so it will admit less water. But it is big enough for just about anyone to be comfortable.

– Eddyline plastic is definitely superior to Hurricane. More rigid = stronger, faster

– Foot pedals can be adjusted in the kayak

– More esthetic overall design, nicer finish

Yes, the Skylark weighs more, but 41 lbs is a very acceptable weight. A female can put that on a car alone.

What are your needs in a kayak? What do you use it for? Would the Eddyline Equinox meet your needs?

Thanks for your reply. I think the Equinox would not serve my needs, as it’s 45 lbs., and my major goal in replacing my Tsunami is to get something much lighter. I have some health problems which, along with age, make loading a kayak on my car by myself increasingly difficult. Even the Skylark, at 41 lbs. is more weight than I’d like, but at least it’s 14 lbs. lighter than the Tsunami.

I’m going to go demo the Skylark today. Another that was suggested to me is the Current Designs Vision 120–which is only 28 lbs.! Unfortunately, nobody where I currently am (on vacation till mid-Sept.) sells it. But I could probably demo it at home and wait till next year, if I had to. It’s another $500, but the significant weight difference would be worth it to me. (However, $2,000 is my absolute limit.) Do you know anything about the Vision 120? Thanks again!