Hurricane Skimmer?

Has anyone out there tried one of these? I have a Phoenix 120, but I’d like to get a boat that’s a bit faster. I’m looking at the Santee 126 and the Skimmer 128.

Thanks for any input you may have!

Skimmer 116
I have the Skimmer 116, which I’m told is faster than the Phoenix 120. Nice boat, quiet hull. Sissy103 has both the Phoenix 120 and the Skimmer 128, so hopefully she can chime in.

Skimmer 128
I find the Skimmer 128 to be faster, quieter, and drier than the Phoenix 120. It is actually about a foot and a half longer. The shape of the hull is very different, and it moves through the water more gracefully. Also lots of storage space in the Skimmer, and the two small hatches in addition to the large one come in handy.

I like the seatback in the Skimmer; in the lowest position it tucks right under my Astral V8 PFD and is very comfortable. The seat cushion would be delightful if only it were removable. Living in Florida, where it often rains on the way to the launch, I often start the day with a squishy wet seat cushion which does not make me happy. But aside from that I love the boat.

I’ve kept my Phoenix 120, too, because I like it, and it makes a good loaner, and a good alternate to take to places where there are rocks or oyster shells that might scratch up my pretty new Skimmer.

I also demoed the Skimmer 116 and liked it, and I"d have to say it is much quieter, drier boat than the Phoenix 120.

Phoenix and Skimmer
Thank you! That’s great information. The Skimmer 128 sounds like the way to go. Does the Phoenix 120 have ANY paddling advantages over the Skimmer 128?

No, it doesn’t.