Hurricane Tampico 140L

I started kayaking in the fall of 2013, so I am pretty new at this. I only paddle on local lakes since I live in the mountains of Western North Carolina. I have an 10 foot kayak & have enjoyed it very much. But on windy days it is very hard to paddle. Now I am thinking about moving on up to a 12 or 14 foot boat. I am looking at a Hurricane Tampico 140L. The reason for the 140L is that I have had both my knees replaced in 2012 and I need a larger cockpit because it makes it easier for me to get in & out of. (I am about 5’6", 175lbs and 55 yrs old) I need any info or opinions of the light weight Hurricane kayaks. Do they hold up?? Do they track well, are they worth the money?? I haul my kayaks on a Malone Kayak trailer so I do not have to lift my kayak onto a vehicle roof. I have the itch to move to a longer kayak but just do not know which kayak is best, there are way too many to chose from. I would like to hold the price down to $1500 or under. HELP!! LOL, Thanks!!!

My neighbor has one of the first Tampico 140’s and it’s been sitting out in the Florida sun for many years and still looks new while the poly boats with it look like toast.

Best to try to sit in one first as the std. Tampico is a little tight. I would say if it fits it is worth the money.

i went for a carolina 14 for the 39“ long cockpit. at 70 yrs old i find the add length is a great help getting into the boat. my 2c.

Tampico 140L has a large cockpit…
I’m 5’6" and 160 lbs and the 140L cockpit is huge on me, which is great for easy entry & exit, but leaves the paddler without knee bracing for boat control. If you don’t paddle in conditions that require knee bracing, then it may be fine for your needs.

I haven’t paddled the 140L, but the 140S is pretty straight tracking.

The material appears to be quite abrasion resistant.