Hurricane Tampico 14S

Anybody have any experience with the Hurricane Tampico 14S? I have read the reviews which don’t tell me much. It looks good on paper but am concerned about it’s turning ability and speed.

Hurricane Tampico…
I have a Hurricane Sport Exp., which is about the same boat, with a bigger cockpit. The Sport Exd. Has 2 water hatches and a load cap. Of 400#. I am a xxl paddler at 6’ 6"/300#. I have no trouble paddling with sea kayaks at a average pace.(3-3.5) The boat tracks and turns well with a little edging. Nice thing about boat is the 51# weight. I have no regrets after making this my first boat purchase.

Your purpose?
That is, where do you want to take this boat, do you want to keep up with a pack of really fast folks, etc.

What are your concerns about turning ability? Anything in a 14 ft length is relatively easy to turn unless you are in a very confined space. I see you have a QCC400 - perhaps you could share whether you have turning issues with that boat? It might help with your question about the Tampico.

I am looking for a boat that is a little more playful than my QCC 400X but still has good speed. I probably average about 3.3mph overall with my 400X but can bring it up to 4+ with a little effort. I don’t need all the storage capacity of the QCC since I only use it on day trips but I do like the speed it possesses. I do a lot of coastal and lake paddling.

It fits me well.
I tried one on for size at Canoecopia and liked the fit better than several other “small peoples” boats. The cockpit was nicely snug, but I had plenty of foot room. The cockpit fit me about the same as the Tracer. I’m 5’6" and 160lbs with 30" inseam.

I haven’t paddled one, yet.

You and I are thinking similarly.
I also find the 400X roomier than I prefer and less nimble on edge than I prefer, but I find it plenty efficient. No problem keeping up with longer boats, because they often have shorter water lines.

The QCC 400 is a little big on me as I am 5’5"/170. I have paddled a Swift Saranac 14 which is 23.5" wide and the fit was excellent.

Plumb bow versus

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The QCC is pretty much plumb bow, the Tampico is not. The waterline measure for the QCC is only half an inch shorter than the length of the boat. I can't find the waterline for the Tampico, but if you look at the shape of the sterns of each alone it looks like it should take much less effort to get the Tampico stern unstuck from the water for a turn.

It looks like the TampicoS is also and inch less deep at the front of the cockpit than the 400X - if you are a smaller paddler that chould make for a more nimble feeling of control.

I can't vouch for either of these boats from time in them, but the difference in how the hull hits the water seems to be fairly significant.

400X waterline about 3" shorter than
overall length.

Took another look… right numbers are
Actually we are both wrong. I must have been out to lunch… the waterline on the 400X is 6 inches shorter than the top length of 15 ft 3 inches.

That said, from the profiles the Tampico 140S is clearly more rockered.

Also check out the Dagger Alchemy 14lv
It is another small person boat that is very very capable and playful.

It’s also a small footed person’s boat.
I fit the cockpit ok, but had to go to the 14L to have foot room for my size 8.5 with basic booties.