Hurricane Tracer for large paddler?

I’m interested in the Tracer for its low weight, price, and positive reviews. I live about a three hour drive from the nearest dealer. I’m 6 feet and 225 lbs, and am wondering how the Tracer would do with someone my size. Does anyone have experience with this before I make the long drive?

Getting input from larger Tracer paddlers of 210 lbs. plus seems like a good idea. I’m an enthusiastic paddler of the Tracer but weigh in at about 165. My sense is that you might find it a bit “twitchy” with your 225 lbs. in it. But the Tracer can certainly handle that much weight – so it is more about center of gravity and your paddling skills. Good luck!

I have a Trace
I am 6ft and weight about 190 or so. The tracer fits me very well. I think you would have no problem with your size. But, that is just a guess.

I had to travel about 3.5 hrs to demo mine. It was worth it.

Call ahead and give the dealer get several different models your might want to try. Get the most bang for the miles

I thinks your will like the tracer, Light, responsive and priced right


should be ok but
depends on what you have been paddling. My husband is 6’2" and same weight. Loves his Tracer!! But Mark said he remembers the first several outings he felt tippy since the Tracer narrows just past your hips at the back. So when you aren’t paddling and just sitting your movements feel a little exagerated and the initial stability seems low. But after a few good sessions Mark said he forgot all about it and now has no issues. As you’ll have more weight up on your torso (guessing) you might feel that same thing but it will go away. You’ll love this boat. I imagine if you have been paddling a wide rec kayak you will have some mental adjusting to make while your balance zones re-adjust.

Thanks for advice
It’s good to hear that there is a strong possibility that it will work. I used to paddle whitewater in both a kayak (a Corsica)and canoe, although it has been about 10 years. I think the relaxed hips will return fairly quickly. I’m willing to put up with an initial challenge to have a boat that I won’t outgrow, and I don’t mind getting wet. Hopefully my roll will come back quickly too.

After you demo
the Tracer let us know what you think of it.