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Does anyone have any experience with the tracer kayak made by hurricane aqua-sports. Price & weight look good to me but have not found anyone who owns one. would apreciate any feedback.

“Some” feedback
My wife has a Hurricane Tampico. Since you said you would appreciate “any feedback”, I thouht I would comment on the construction.

The Tampico seems to be made well. The Thermo Formed plastic is stiff, and has been somewhat resistant to scratching from bumps that would scuff Poly. Since this is a hard surface, we use the “Starbright Marine Polish with Teflon” on it, to make the hull & deck smooth, and provide UV protection.

This is her second summer paddling it, and she likes it a lot. She test paddled the Tracer last Spring when we bought the Tampico, and she thought the Tracer was too tippy for her. As she was a baginner paddler last spring, that might explain wht she felt that way.

We bought the Tampico on a reccomendation from a friend that had one for a couple years. With normal care, it had held up very well.

I have seen a couple of threads here on P-Net in the past on the Tracer, and most comments were positive. You might want to search the archives and see what you find.

Happy Paddling!

My wife had a Santee xl and loved it
Light and well built