Hut-to-Hut Paddling

Here’s an idea that my wife and I want to consider.

Paddle camping is OK with me, but at her request, we want try something a little different, easier …I know, wimpier.

Are there any locations where you can do hut-to-hut, cabin-to-cabin, or B&B to B&B paddling? Ideally this would be a 2-3 day trip, within about 500 miles of W. PA.


When you find out
Let me know. That’s about the only way my wife would go with me.

Here’s one

Out of your mileage range
But this is just what you want located in Florida

AtlMagic, It would be in your driving range. I can highly recommend the cabins at Stephen Foster State Park in Florida.

Western Rivers
Many western rivers have towns and resorts located on rivers that could used. If you have several people, arranging shuttles would be a way of luxury paddling.

LI Sound
I think you could find what you’re looking for along the Connecticut coast of the LI sound. Maybe between Thimble Islands and Mystic?


There is a book about B&b along the
Maine coast. Not sure of the name though

B&B to B&B paddling
Last Fall I took my wife to the San Juan Islands in Wa. State and did a three day trip. We paddled from a resort town to a spectacular B&B on the first night. The second day we ended the night at Rosario resort and listened to an organ concert. In the Northwest there are a lot of options to paddle and end each day at a non-camping destination.

Motel to Motel
in the Florida keys possible. I believe Maine has the possibility of connecting BB’s.



Here is a link to the B&B Maine book
The link is

Some Great Ideas
but a little out of our territory.

Perhaps some others will be inspired to try some of the destinations mentioned.

Any ideas in western or central Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia, Western Maryland, New York area?

Also, we’re more oriented toward quite canoe paddling, rather than salt water or Great Lakes kayaking.

We’re currently looking at trying to link some sections of the upper Allegheny with overnights at B&Bs.

Any suggestions?


here is one
in Canada

Greenbrier River in West VA?
You might want to research the Greenbrier River in West Virginia. It has ~ 100 miles of canoeable water in a very pretty part of the state. I’m pretty sure there are renovated cabins in Cass (Near Snowshoe Mtn Ski Area) and accomodations further downstream in Marlinton. It also has a bike trail along most of it.

Another thought.
BTW, you should also look into parts of the New River in extreme southern W VA/ VA / and/or NC; way above the famed whitewater of the New River Gorge at Fayetteville, WV. There is also bike trails along parts of it, along with alot of other things to see and do. :wink:

The research is half the fun!