HV or LV Valley Aquanaut RM

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Just found a couple of Valley Aquanaut RM. Either a LV or a HV. Its not possible to even see the kayaks so I can neither test paddle or even sit in them.Found this chart

Iam 5'8" just weighed myself at 168 lbs.

If you own either of these I would appreciate what one you have and what your size and weight you are.These are the PLASTIC ones NOT fiberglass. Its either a LV or HV. Looking at the above chart at kayak Academy it kinda looks like a HV as iam at the upper limits in weight for the LV plus I plan to use this for tripping so it would be loaded most of the time.Just don't want to be swimming inside the cockpit. I have a bunch of 1/2 inch closed cell foam ready if needed.

Returning is NOT practical.

Aquanaut s

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imo you are sized for an Aquanaut rotomould of standard size - neither LV nor HV.

LV loaded w. you and gear- you may not like the handling: way overloaded it will plow thru the water. Deep waterline also impinges on agile turns.

VCP is saying you are just over the top of the weight range. If you are a highly skilled (advanced, etc) paddler you can paddle any boat whether sized for it or not.The rest of us like a little more margin and don't crowd the upper limits.

HV is huge. Foam can only do so much, the other metrics and add'l beaminess you do not need. And when you're not paddling w. gear it will act "corky" and be a real PITA going into the wind.

The Aquanaut is a great hull. There are enough of them out there than finding a used one should not be that difficult. You may even find a composite used one at that price if you want one. There are similar kayaks of that type as well, $1900 will go a long way towards buying used versions.

How new are you to this? Is this your first seakayak? and have you paddled any seakayaks you liked? or disliked? Going off specs is alright and useful but to new paddlers can be bewildering. Much easier to sit in one at least on the ground and better still in the water.

p.s. finger fumbled the subject - reads like Aquanaut s - meant to type Aquanauts.

No regular model
There are ONLY 3 models of the Aquanaut in RM (Plastic/rotomold)The LV , HV and there is a Club model. So unlike the fiberglass versions there is NO regular model.Unless its the club but I dont want that version, The club has no day hatch and round hatches.HATE that.

So since I WANT plastic not fiberglass. (I already have a NDK Greenlander Pro)its either the LV or HV. I was able to find an old Valley Catalog I forgot I had. It has a load suitibilty chart. It says for the LV ideal is 180 lbs and the HV is 230lbs. No idea if that means with nothing in the hatches or fully loaded for say a trip.Oh the HV has a depth of 14 1/2 inch the LV is 13 1/2.

I want plastic since iam scratching the living heck out of my fiberglass NDK plus I really hate the small hatch openings on my NDK plus I could use a little more storage. Bascilly I want a tripping kayak.

So iam not sure how I will fit right in either the LV or HV. There is a kayak store about 1.5 hours away and they appear to have the fiberglass versions of the LV and HV in stock. Used ones. If the fiberglass models match in size the RM models I could go there just to see how I fit. I wouldnt test paddle them as I have no intention to buy a fiberglass model.

As far as me I have only been paddling only 2 years now but have taken many classes. I now have 100 percent realiable roll after my Green land clinic I took, either direction. Oh I use only greenland paddles. Can self rescue in rough water and have praticed it. Not that my roll will fail.

probably LV
I have an HV, and I am 210#, 6’, and size 11 feet. Fits me nicely. Likely you would be an LV.

But, as much as I think Valley are great boats, there is no way I would buy any boat without getting in and paddling it, unless it was such a great deal that I could turn around and resell it for what I paid. Even if you meet the specs, you could easily find it isn’t comfortable or doesn’t perform the way you want, and then you take a loss when you sell.

Not the same as glass
The plastic LV is bigger than the glass LV, and the plastic HV is smaller than the glass HV.

You could go either way, depending on how you like your boats to fit, and whether you will only paddle it loaded.

HV Owner

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The kayak academy information is a joke.

Another Aquanaut HV RM owner here. I am 5'7"/210-215# (former competitive bodybuilder) with size 11 feet and thick thighs from heavy squatting. The HV is a good fit for me (albeit with way more leg length room than I need but that is the case for many kayaks!)

Compared to my Nordkapp RM, the HV is a better fit for my feet and thighs and definitely has more storage capacity. I can paddle much longer without feeling confined or cramped.

We do a lot of kayak camping and the HV carries quite a bit of gear, including a bear canister in the stern compartment.

I also have a 2008-2008 Valley brochure and it does list an "ideal" midpoint weight of 180# for the LV and 230# for the HV. The curve also indicates a maximum "ideal" loaded weight of 220# for the LV and nearly 280# for the HV. Even with a full week's load of gear I am still under the HV's 280# ideal "limit". At your weight I would recommend the LV model, although I also recommend trying any boats you are considering (at least sitting in if not paddling). The "Fat Paddler" weighed in at about 290# when he started and he owned an HV RM.

I own a few kayaks but the Aquanaut is surely the most versatile and the last one I would ever consider letting go.

Thanks all
Thanks for the detailed info. I can take a 1.5 hour ride to sit inside both fiberglass versions. No way to get a ride in the RM versions which is what I want for this kayak model.Unless I wait to see if I can find one locally. Maybe that would be best thing to do. I agree I should really test paddle anything I might buy. I can get a brand new un-used HV or LV RM at $1400 shipped.

Oh my feet are small at size 8. I did ad some 1/2 inch padding to my NDK Greenlander Pro.

Iam also thinking the LV model. Iam pretty sure the Aquanaut I would like fine. I can adapt well to just about any kayak.

tread highjack!
Just looked at www.valleyseakayaks.com, the site is even more of a mess than it was before

Anyways, did they stop making Aquanaut line of boats?

about a year ago.

Even though the line was not something that I would consider owning, they were very good boats.

The Etain is a capable replacement. It’s got a slightly more modern look, but retains much of what I like about the Aquanaut.

Kayak 41 North (Cleveland)
is a lot closer to you in western NY than Kayak Academy.

Call them and see what they’ll be selling. They use P&H a lot for classes and tours, and a Scorpio or Scorpio LV could work well for you, esp. w. size 8 feet. Mark Pecot is an honest fellow and their fleet is up to date and most boats in very good shape. When they announce boat sales they get a mild stampede.

Suggest you call now, it’s mid September.

They also might have plastic WS Tempests 170, another good pick for load carrying/sea worthiness.

You like Lake Erie and they could put a few out there for you to test drive. You could start out in the a.m. and come back the same day w. a boat atop, saving the perils and expense of shipping, and at a lower purchase price than the Aquanauts.

You will surely fit any of these, just a matter of which you like better after you sit /paddle them. Which I strongly encourage. Good luck.

Pelee Wings - Leamington ON
is starting to clearance their seakayaks.

In stock are new/demo/used of the following, all in plastic:

Perception Essence in 16.5 and 17

WS Tempest in 165 and 170

also for ppl looking for shorter plastic kayaks.

Jackson Journey in both sizes

Dagger Alchemy in both sizes

numerous WS Tsunamis

some WS Tarpons

much more

Here’s the link: http://www.peleewings.ca/boat-finder.php

They are still offering test paddles and in the past they have paid the high Ontario GST. Nice people. As with Kayak41 North I’m not affiliated w. either outfitter nor any maker of these kayaks.

I’m 5’9" and 150 lbs.
I have had an Aquanaut RM LV for over five years.

It is very comfortable and there is a little room to spare so I would think your extra 18 lbs. would fit fine.

I’m 175 lbs and I have had three kayaks now between 17’-7" to 18’-5". As I mainly do day trips with the odd expedition… I’ve had nothing but stability and tracking issues unless fully loaded.

My 17’-0" Aquanaut club RM had none of these issues. I’m even considering buying one again. It was quite good too for storage.

The point is I don’t thing a 17ft + boat will work given your weight.

17 feet
I already own a 17’ 9" NDK greenlander pro. I have no problem with it empty.

But anyway I got to test paddle a Etain 17.5 RM and a Nordkapp RM. I really liked the Nordkapp RM. Was faster and more maneuverable than the Etain. Only problem is the darn skeg control on left side of kayak hit my leg when I relax in the kayak. The Etain fit was darn nice and real comfy. I didn’t paddle a Aquanaut though but did sit in one, the LV RM. It was kinda tight but mainly because the adjustable , I think its called thigh brace wasn’t set right.

But I realy liked the way the Nordkapp RM paddled. Not near as nice a fit as the Etain 17.5 RM though.

As far as hatch storage the Aquanaut LV RM looked like it had WAY more storage than the Etain 17.5 RM or Nordkapp RM. The Etain and Nordkapp storage about the same.