HX270/370 VHF experince

Does anyone have any experience with the HX270S or HX370S VHF radios from Standard Horizon. I am leaning toward this radio because of the auxillary alkaline battery tray that is listed as being submersible. I would appreciate any information you could give me regarding the performance of this radio. I am particullarly interested in the Ni-MH battery performance vs the LI batteries in the IComs and in the submersibillity of the HX270/370 alkaline battery tray.



Got one and love it. I take aa batteries with me on multi-day trips. Vaughn Fulton

AA Battery Tray
Technically the battery tray does not have an IPX submersible rating although I have found it waterproof in use as it does have a gasket. The radio section is rated IPX submersible regardless of the battery pack used. I like the radio quite a bit. Having used both types of batteries in ham radio gear, the Li Ion batteries are really nice and prefer them to Ni-Mh, but not sure it makes a huge difference in this application. I favor gear that uses or can use easily replaced batteries so I find the AA tray a plus despite technical shortcoming in terms of specs.

? on Ni-MH battery
I assumed the Ni-MH battery in the HX270 has no memory and can be recharged without completely discharging. The Standard Horizon website makes this point about the Li battery in the HX471, but I did not see anything on “memory” for the Ni-MH.

Can the Ni-MH battery in the HX270 be recharged without completely discharging?

Some good battery info here:

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