hybrid paddle?

I just got my Dagger Axis 12. I paddled it yesterday with a Werner Sherpa 197 cm. I feel like it is a bit short since my coworker lent me a 220 werner to compare with and the 220 felt much better. I am 5’9" and my boat is 27.5" wide.

I am mostly doing flat water/ river paddling. But I would like to hit up some class 1-2 in the future. Is there a paddle that can do both so that I don’t have to buy a new paddle in the future?


Whitewater paddles tend to be heavier(to take more abuse) and shorter(paddle stroke is more vertical)than touring paddles.

That said, you can use one paddle for both if you’re willing to accept the tradeoffs.

Given the width of your boat, you may have a hard time finding a whitewater paddle that’s long enough. A touring paddle that’s reasonably sturdy should be fine for an occasional run through the rapids.

but you’ll have to pay for it.

They come in two pieces, adjustable in 10CM increments, and when you buy it, you specify what you want them to be. The feather is also adjustable

Jack L

who makes those?

ONNO makes the best

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in my estimation. Look for it on line.
There are others too, like Epic, but like I said
above you'll have to pay a lot more than the single length ones.

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