Hydration packs

if you’ve been wanting to ditch those water bottles in your deck rigging, and go hydration pack w. bitevalve:

If you’d like to add to your collection, find one that clips on to your pack or is compact and recumbent, or just yearn to replace one you have:

There are some very good sales going on at bike shops (online & brick n mortar) as they blow out the 2006 models.

Things I discovered:

Platypus is compatible w. Camelbak accessories.

The small person’s 50L backpack style, the Siren by CamelBak, is being discontinued. Just got mine for riding behind my kayak seat and also on my shoulders while biking or hiking…great reviews,nice features like pockets and back vertical reflective stripe: ladies, young teens or people w. short torsos check it out.

Whole lotta people on eBay selling military issue

C-baks in 70 & 100L sizes for very good starting bids… apparently Camelbak won the purchasing contracts & there is surplus. You ninja kayakers or dedicated naturalistic greenlanders will find these offered in Woodland, Camo or black.

CamelBak also makes an extra long (40-42 inches, I forget 'zactly) tubing w. neoprene insulated tube and capped insulated bite piece. Originally ~$24 can be found online at bike shops & at REI online $9.99-$12.99. Trying one out w. my Siren to keep those first sips cool in summer and less apt to freeze out in winter.

Besides CBak and Platty, other lines from High Sierra, are also being discounted due to discontinued models or colors. Other lines showing up less frequently (online at least) from MSR, North Face, ATI.

Camelbak Unbottle Sale
If you want a great deal on a hydration system, here’s one I found at Campmor last week:


These usually sell for around $33.00 and they’re on sale for $15.00. I picked up a couple to replace my VERY old current Camelbak system. I was still using the original hydrobak from the 80’s.


Unbottle is ideal
The CamelBak Unbottle is perfect for paddling. It has a clip so you can hang it from a crossbar of a canoe and D rings that allow you to secure it to the deck of a yak with a bungee, or it should fit nicely under the deck netting.

The Unbottle is also durable enough that it won’t be accidently punctured.

Though a Platypus works great when protected inside a pack, it is susceptible to puncture when laying around the inside of a boat (as I found out last year).

Is the hose long enough
to attach to your pfd, while the bag is on the deck?

Hose extender is cheap solution if not
$15 is great! I already have 2 (100 & 70), but still tempted to pick up 1 or 2 more. The replacement bags alone goes for $25.

I keep mine inside behind the seat. Used to have it on rear deck on an SOT. Reached OK on both - but has to be right behind you. I’ve also kept it between legs on floor, and in under deckbag too.


OK a more expensive option
I hate anything on my deck including water bottles and water packs as there is sure to be a yard sale in heavy surf or rock gardens. The regular camel back (on my back) was not comfortable, but Kokatat’s hydration system was the best for me. It clips on to four points of a PFD. While it may not fit all PFD’s it is not proprietary to a Kokatat vest. http://www.kokatat.com/product_detail.asp?code=trb

Can definitely see all the benefits size wise of the unbottle.

Wanted a pack that would fit behind my seat, with a long enough tube for sipping & paddling, and then, on land, convert to a small pack that fits over my shoulders for walking or biking. I’d switch to the smaller, original tube for that.

I don’t do backpacking, so the ability to fasten onto a pack (as an unbottle will do) was not a big selling point.

for longer trips I’m getting neoprene recumbent packs from a new company in 70 and 100 oz, each with a hydrating tube of 40 inches. They are also set up to accomodate a PolarPak bladder to keep water cooler inside the neoprene skin. And together (the 100 ouncer and the 70, with tubes and bladders) they were less than the $15 unbottle at Campmor.

Will be trying out different combos on the next outdoor paddle March 17 and see how it goes.

Great Service
Followed your link, ordered a couple 2 days ago. Standard cheapo shipping.

Arrived today. Wow!