Hydration system

Can any one recommend using a hydration system attached to the PFD while paddling? Is so, which one would you recommend? I am contemplating on adding it to my gear, but I am a little hesitant. A simple stafety factor perhaps. Or should I be settling for the something secured on my deck?

I attach mine
to my rear deck. I find it gets in the way if I try to wear it , especially over my PFD. I know some of the Camel bak designs are made to attach, but not sure how you would attach 1 to your PFD.

water pack
I keep mine just behind and in the cockpit, with the hose available to hook to the PFD. When full, a hydration pack on your back adds weight on the buns and decreases the apparent stability- another 3 lbs 18" higher.

I have a Kokatat hydration system on my Outfit Tour. Comfy, effective, does not alter teh bouyancy.


I have a Gaia "POD"
It will take 1 or 2 40 oz. bladders. 4 straps wrap around the PFD, for extra security I attached a strip of double sided velcro to the back of the PFD neck and loop it thru the atachment point for the pack shoulder strap. It works well. I believe website is www.gaia.com.

Good Luck


cascade designns makes one
that you cna wear under your pfd for a slick look.

Othe paddlers I respect just put an "unbottle on the outside of theri pfd. I use a lotus eft pack and keep mine there.

I have the Lotus EFT, also

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I like it. Doesn't get in the way while rolling, and fits snugly (It is specifically designed to attach to lotus PFDs, but attaches to pretty much any standard PFD - plus allows the pfd mounted tow system to work below the water pack). Takes a 1 liter platypus. I'm really 'off' anything on the decks. The EFT is a bit pricey, though, but for the short time I've had it, it is completely trouble free (one less thing to worry about).

Fore deck
I put a Platypus PFD hydrator on my fore deck. I found the extra weight on my back distracting. I used to keep my water behind my seat and ran the hose under the spray skirt and between the coaming and the rand of the skirt. For long paddles, I still keep two litres of water behind my seat with hose attached but leave it unside the cockpit.

I also have a hydrator desinged to sit on deck but found it too big of an object, for my comfort, to have on deck.

my choice
Most kayak racers wear the platypus hydration pack on their back and a foot of aluminum wire taped to the end of the hose makes it very hands free. You can tape the shoulder straps from pfd and hydration pack together and the weight is often sitting on the back deck. Duct tape or remove buckles. www.jjcanoe.com has great systems for canoe.

I made my own pack…
…that attaches to the back of my PFD and accepts a 1.8 liter Playtypus bladder. I’ve been using it for 3 or 4 years and would not go back to using a water bottle.

Lies flat on frnt deck or in day hatch!
Not for everyone, but I like it on frnt deck insulated soft hydro pack conforms to deck shape so not obtrusive, still stow paddle for rescues etc. Also, adapts to tube through day hatch stowed in day compartment with tube attached to spray skirt, totally out of the way for rough stuff, lower center of gravity, rolling and all that cool stuff.

I especially like the “Source” hydration by Kelty. does not leak and very important, has a neat cap that fits over drinking bite valve to keep the grimies off the part you stick in your mouth. Much more appealing!