Apologies if this thread has been beaten to death before, but I can’t seem to find anything in the archives. Anyway, what type of camelback does anyone here use/recommend for wearing under PFD’s while paddling for longer (multi-day) trips?

Tripper Hydration System 3 liters
This is what I am using and works for me:




Why wear it under your PFD?

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Wear it ontop? Or even "wear it" at all. Have you ever thought about strapping it to the deck & just grabbing the hose to take a drink?


And I think you answered your own question about what kind of hydration pack:

"what type of camelback does anyone here use/recommend"

But to answer your question, I use a Camelback & a High Sierra hydration-day pack & two 1 quart canteens for a weekend trip. All strapped to the deck.

Paddle easy,


on deck also
Although it used to fit on the outside of my PFD, with room left on the straps. Outdoor Research 2 liter and I pack 1-2 more 2 liters depending on length of trip.

Campmor had some great deals on hydration packs last time I checked.

I have used
A platypus pfd hydrator system. Got it at campmor. Since I am a multi-platipus person I took a two liter hoser and found it fit into the envelope. This means I can pack 1.8 liters, I try to always refill at a pint so if I am seperate from the boat I have a pint of water, and cliff bars and a couple of other things.

I have seen a two liter unbottle fron camelbak just tied to the back of a pfd. Not CG approved but whey your in the water doesn’t make you sink. That looked good but I’m satisfied with my systems. Deck mounted stuff is fine if you need big capacity, or are confident of intervals of relative calm.

under deck
platupus for me. 120 oz. size and won’t get yanked off by branches.

I have two
a 70 Camelback classic and a 100 oz “Unbottle” - and often bring a couple 24 oz sport bottles too.

Warm weather here means I burn through a litre and hour. I need at least one of these on a short day paddle.

Had the 70 first, and strapped it on the rear deck (onto the hatch straps) on my SOT. It’s bungies and small pocket proved handy too.

When I got the SINK, I tried it on the aft deck(what I was used to), and then in the cockpit. There I have three options: Between legs on floor, bladder only in underdeck bag, or behind seat. Behind seat has proven by far the best.

The “Unbotttle” is even better back there than the “Classic”. Even though larger - it lacks all the straps and is much easier to deal with (it has conventient D-rings to attach to just about anything should you need to).

Other uses - When empty and inflated:

  1. Good camp pillows.
  2. Paddle float for Greenland Paddle Particularly the Unbotle).
  3. Emergency air supply - good for a breath or two (you’d have to plan ahead to do this, which sort of makes it uselss in an “emergency”).

I have every Camel bac they make if it comes in OD green, and or Camo. the size is determined by the trip length and duration of the trip i am planning on taking, my filter also pops right in to the hose end for easy water filtration. I either where it on me on deck or under deck. I have also tried some of the Camel-Bac copy’s, the bladder in them gives the water a weird taste.