Hyundai Santa Fe

I was looking at a 2010 Hyundai Santa Fe today checking out the roof rails that they use. The rails were nice but you could not use the full length of the rails. I was wondering if there is some work around for this, such as removing the insert? Yakima claims you can get a 36" max spread between the crossbars. It appeared to me that any boats up there would be sitting toward the back of the vehicle. Anyone have any experience with this vehicle?

Santa Fe owners here?

Not Me
But if you look at an Elantra Touring we can talk. Very happy with my economical kayak carrier.

Why the Santa Fe and some other vehicles have the long side rails but with stops preventing you from using the full length of the rail. The Elantra has raised rails so this issue does not arise.

We own 2
A 2007 and a 2011. With Thule aero bars at full spread the bars are 51" apart on center. Thule makes a great fit kit that is specific for the Sante fe. They grab on the inside rail and are pretty solid. you will need to discard the rubber from the inside rear of the roof rails which you will have to take out to remove the factory cross bars. We have had the Thule racks on both cars since we bought each one new. I carry 1 or 2 16’ to 18’ singles, or our 21’ 120 lbs tandem, and have never had an issue. My only issue is the height, I’m getting old and it is getting tougher to lift the damm kayaks that high.

So you can remove that plastic insert which prevents you from using the full length of the rails? The vehicle is on the high side compared to my Jetta Wagon. I guess you can’t have your cake and eat it too.

I have a 2011 Santa Fe with a Yakima Rail Grab system and yes you just pull out the rubber stopper on the rail (prevents the factory rack rails from going over the sunroof) to get more crossbar spread.

Going to pick up the Santa Fe tomorrow.

Worked out great as I removed the rubber strip preventing the use of the full length of the rails. I left the factory crossbars in place and just added my Yakima crossbars. :slight_smile:

Elantra Touring
I looked at one of these as well and think it is a very nice kayak hauler. The SE comes with rails and a very nice B&M sport shifter. I wound up with a suzuki crossover hatchback with selectable AWD.

The ET is being discontinued which is a shame. Another nice wagon gone.