I am in lust - Outer Island

Yeah I know…but I can’t help it…

I am lusting after the Outer Island.

I WILL have her soon!


yeah that’s probably my next boat…
I’m a total boat whore so I am constantly buying a selling boats but with that said, after paddling the Outer Island quite a bit, it is pretty high on my purchase list. It does a couple things I like very well (rolling and speed) and one thing I like poorly (edged turns, manueverability). I’m actually more excited now that Impex announced that they are coming out with the Outer Island with an ocean cockpit!

Just wait…
It was just announced that the OI is coming out in 2006 with an Ocean Cockpit. Yup, finally. Also, if you “pre-order” one before December 15 for delivery in April-May timeframe and put down 50%, then you will pay the 2005 price for this boat. ($200 savings)

This program is not highly publicized (yet) but does exist, as I ordered one already (British racing green over white with yellow trim) and put 50% down.

Now, just waiting for delivery is going to be tough!

tall and willowy,

firm rounded lines (er…I mean chines)

smaller cockpit for that tight fit

always up for a roll…

what’s not to like?


outer Island
I’m about your size 5’ 11" and 205# and I found that the thigh braces hit my legs in the wrong place, the Ocean Cockpit should do away with that sooooo the only thing left to have them incoporate is a compass recess for a 70 P compass

I already like how it paddles, so it’s really down to the small stuff

alternative -->
Buy the plans and start building. You can customize along the way and make it exactly how YOU want it. :wink:


With my skill sets
in woodworking this thing will end up looking more like a treehouse for my kids than anything remotely loking like a boat.

no thanks. Maybe later…much later…


Its all
Cool! Just wanted to put the bug in your ear.

just wrote
to Danny to veify the pricing structure (deal) for the new one.

The other question I would have is would I even fit into this thing? I already knew that with the Outer Island I paddled that I was going to have to get rid of the seat and replace with a foam seat about a half an inch lower if possible and also forward about an inch or so to get my thighs properly in place (non issue with the ocean cockpit I know, and the back pad would go away and I would just have a piece of foam angled to the rear coaming.

just a hair under 6ft and 200 lbs.

whaddya think for me? ocean or standard keyhole?


Compass recess question
I posed the same question to my dealer and was told that the 70p compass recess will never be an option on the OI.


I am contemplating making a small “stand” for a compass with a rounded bottom to follow the curved deckline with a flat top so I can mount a compass that needs a flat deck. (Ritchie, etc) That way, I can also paint it to match my trim color. Then just drill, bolt onto the deck, seal the bolts, and then attach the compass to it. Just an idea…

have you tried an ocean cockpit before?
It takes some getting used to. It is more difficult to get in and out of and it also makes certain rescues more difficult (cowboy rescue for one). On the other hand, if you have a confident roll and enjoy firm contact with the boat, an ocean cockpit is wonderful.

pretty confident
roll. At least enough to start offside and other types of rolls.

Everything I have read suggests better boat control with Greenland maneuvers with an ocean cockpit. I am pretty flexible but I guess there will be some adjustments to get my Germanic peasant ass in the boat.

I had to really position myself to get in the Outer Island smoothly without banging up my shins so I imagine that it would be just a bit more difficult with the ocean cockpit. but like all things, I would adapt.


I know Danny told me something like that too. said they didn’t want to ruin the lines by the forward hatch, by addint the material to swallow the 70 P. and they didn’t want to put it closer like the older valleys had. If I end up with one, I’ll cut a hole in the hull back of the front hatch and glass in a 70 P recess. (I’ve done it before) Valley has them for I think 15 or 20 dollars

do you use a foam masik?
Although the Outer Island may feel tight to you, for Greenland manuevers, the sitting position is a bit different. Your legs are typically flat and straight forward with you thights/knees being locked in place by either a wood masik in a skin boat or a foam one in a product boat. The ocean cockpit would help lock the masik in place but really the keyhole works ok as well. I’ve tried both keyhole and ocean on the Outer Island (Impex keyhole and homebuilt ocean) and I prefer the ocean but it doesn’t really affect how well that boat rolls or paddles.

O.I. stripper
I’m in the process of building an Outer Island and I can hardly wait to see it done!!

foam masik
I just heard about that at the paddlefest. How does one look? Is it just a bar that is placed over the key hole part between your thighs and the coaming?

Anyone have a pic of one? How would I make it?


here’s a link to Greg’s description

You just buy a big block of minicell and you cut it to size. I use a foam masik with my keyhole cockpit Valley Skerray RMX and although it isn’t ideal, it makes a world of difference when working on rolls.

We’re in the process of deciding which stripper to build next (and it’s my turn). While we like the looks and reviews of the OI, I’m thinking it is too big for me at 5’4", 125 lbs. ???

Trying to get pics…
…of the new Ocean Cockpit OI through my dealer. He promises to bug Danny for them. If I get them, I will put them up on a Webshots gallery for anyone to see if thats alright with Impex/Danny.

As to which cockpit, I am 6’1 and 195lbs and have paddled my own SOF - once you do, you NEVER go back to a keyhole cockpit.

The beauty of an ocean cockpit in a hardshelled boat is that there will be no ribs to strip your shoes off your feet when you exit!

I would suggest that you find someone with an old Greenlander with round cockpit and see how much you like that fit. Then try a Valley Anas Acuta with ocean cockpit which will be smaller. (I believe) The OI one “should” be in between those two - and if it is I will still have to pad the underdeck somewhat with foam. I fit easily into the Anas Acuta cockpit so expect the OI one to be a little bit looser.

C’mon Impex/Danny, send me some pics!!!

I have a skirt for a greenlander and it won’t fit om my Anas Acuta. The Betsy Bay is a little larger than the Anas Acuta, but because of the skirt I have, I assume that the greenlander, is smaller (but it’s set at quite a angle)