I am in the market for a used C-1

racing canoe.

If any of you folks that are going to the Clinton see a Savage River or a Wenonah for sale for around $700 I would appreciate it if you would get me a name and telephone number.

As a matter of fact if any one in the mid Atlantic states has one for sale please contact me.



would I want you to go into another class Jack? Who am I going to lose all that wine to? :wink:

The Canunut got a J180 in Kevlar for about $700 but that was too tippy and slow for most of us.

How much will you wieght? Including paddles water etc.

Do you mind kevlar or wood?

Shoot me over your Cell number and I will keep my eyes open when I get up there.The Grumpy paddler doesn’t have a reall big spread on her racks so we would have to buy some 2x2 and hose clamps but we could get it home.

You might also check with Gene Jenkos at J&J to see if he has a trade in. If so we could just pick it up.

I don’t plan on racing it - - - yet
I just get the urge to everytime I see you guys take off in the Yadkin race.

I would prefer kevlar.

I’ll send you an e-mail with the cell.

If Grumpy’s racks are Yakimas, you can run 1/2" rigid galvanized pipe through them. It comes in 10 foot lengths at the home stores. Cut it to the length you want and then put a pipe strap clamp on either end up against the ends of the Yakama bars. This prevents the pipe from sliding in either direction.

I’ll pay for the pipe, a hacksaw, clamps and tiedowns if you can manage it.

Just watch out that you don’t wipe out any pedestrians on sidewalks!


One up
for sale on the classiofieds here. I think it is located in Missisisppi.

Too high for…
my buget.

As I stated above, I am looking for a $700 one.

If I can’t get one for that then so be it.



It is in Ohio and way too expensive!!!
That price looks more like they cost NEW!


Anybody Want My Mike Galt BJX
It has a 25" beam and is 17 long…


Try the slvp website or grasse river website or www.macscanoe

Those are all new high buck ones Dave
But thanks anyway.


will I
see you next week at th eClinton Dave?