I am looking for an old orange Kokatat hydration system if anyone is looking to let go of some old gear

I have looked at the newer ones and don’t like the design since I would like to store other gear in it. Thanks!
I am trying to find one of these:

I have one not sure I’m selling but that’s a mute point till I find it. I did find the bladder for it.

I used it twice like all kayaks and gear. No I really used once or twice.

Have you considered the Kokatat Tactic Pack?

id prefer to buy something used to save some cash, also if im buying used anyway might as well try to find it in orange for the ‘fashion’

If you decide to sell it I would be happy to buy it, ive had trouble finding one since that model went out of production

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Find one yet? May be able to get you a used one but have to look around for where l may have put it. Can look tomorrow if you still need.

Hi Celia!
I certainly could still use one, if you find it and could sell it to me I would really appreciate it!

Will look around tomorrow

No luck so far Hank. It has to be somewhere in this house, but just checked the two most likely places now that the heat index is down, not seeing it. If you find another source go for it. The backlog of shit I should throw out is not inconsequential.

Thank you very much for checking I appreciate your time. If you happen to find it let me know, not sure why I am having trouble finding one since they were so popular. Stay safe out their in the heat!

Nothing here yet either my partner remembers seeing it also recently. She even said I only used it once :laughing:.

I’ve had so many people contact me that they have one somewhere but don’t know where it is! I guess a lot of people buy paddling gear that they never use, still haven’t found one

I bought it new but some other stuff I got when I bought boats is piling up.

Kayak parts, decals, rigging, decals, fiberglass supplies, 7-8 Werner’s, 4 Aquabound’s, 6 PFDs, drysuit, wet, underlayments, jackets, 5-6 pairs various boots and shoes, skirts 6, paddling shirts, no clue it’s endless.

Trying to sell a Kalliste paddle 220 CM. People ask the dumbest things offer low ball money. I can’t be bothered with it. I’ll give you 100 for the paddle that’s 415 new no tax or shipping. I laughed told him float at the end of the canal because I’ll throw in there first.

Rain Wednesday & Thursday I’ll look more. Putting stuff in boxes I never use so it’s easier to get out and paddle. Pouch is in a box somewhere I have the bladder.

I will also take another swipe. The one on my PFD is obviously findable. But they are surprising easy to go hiding when they are no longer on a PFD.

That quite a ridiculous for the paddle offer, I would usually want to make an offer since 220 is my size but I bought a BB navigator recently which was a hit to my wallet.

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I have had that issue too, I had misplaced some parts belonging to my old kayak, sold the kayak last week, and then today found the parts and now I wanna get them to the guy.

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