I am shocked by Werner :-)

The Shuna that I bought in summer 2007 went back to Werner for a couple of repairs. First was for a leak in the ferrule area that developed after I loaned the paddle to someone else. After every paddle, I would have to shake it out and then leave it open-side down to drain the rest–which would leave a salt residue inside (inaccessible) after ocean paddling. Second repair was to replace the male piece, since it looked and felt like it had taken on a slight taper instead of being perfectly cylindrical (therefore causing the paddle halves to develop some play).

Werner quoted me estimates that I considered very reasonable. Because of the paddle’s age, I assumed warranty coverage was out. I bought another Shuna in the meantime, benefiting from a great end-of-year sale price at Sea Kayak Georgia.

Now I just got word that Werner did the repairs and sent it back, fully covered by warranty! Kudos to the Werner crew!

Thank You!
I appreaciate knowing which vendor/manufactuerer stands by their products. You can bet I will take

a closer look at Werner when I need a paddle!

Sent a 4 year old Ikelos back in July to have the slightly loose ferrule replaced. I fully expected to pay some charge for that but they replaced it good as new for no charge. Werner is as good as it gets all the way around.

My Experience
with Werner has been all positive. I’ve tried others and the rest don’t see much use these days. Never had any problems with them so far but it’s great to hear they stand behind the product.

Same here
I own 7 Werners. Intelligent & helpful customer service people, prompt turn around, made a modification I requested for a very reasonable price.

Werner paddles. period.

Also had a great experience
I got a new paddle that had some questionable finish on one blade. I called Werner and they told me to go ahead and take it to the training session for which I wanted it, then send it to them for repair. It came back with both blades replaced, rather than just the one about which I had a question. No charge.

I also had a very good experience with Epic, who replaced an older ferrule with a newer one for free several years after purchase, because the original ones had been found to be cranky.