I Am SO Confused

If a Neanderthal like me can figure it out with a little help, it ain’t that hard.


It is not that I am confused, I just don’t like it. I don’t want to be advised about my interests, I don’t want a picture of my account. It feels like an intrusion into my personal space.

I’ll check back in a week or so and see if it is less intrusive, if not I’ll unsubscribe and go away.

You are under no obligation to add anything or follow the suggested links. There are plenty of active posters that never add any personal info. There is no intent to gather personal info, just the goal of making the site engaging.

Perhaps we should all gather at facebook ?

Don’t threaten me :wink:

Discourse (the current forum software) is one of my least favorite web interfaces. Much prefer the more traditional forum software. Another of my favorite forums switched to this last year. Arrrggghhh.

If you want some semblance of normalcy, at the top you see the following:
* [Latest] [New (8)] [Top] [Categories]
Select categories and it will show the traditional category headings instead of a jumble of the latest posts across the forum.

Well, count me as one who has no issues with the change. Seems fine to me. I like being able to choose categories or just see the ‘advice’, or see everything at once. I like being able to choose themes.


Likewise. Took be a bit but I am on board and appreciate what I can do with it.

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