I Am SO Confused

I must be getting too old. I can’t keep up with the changes on this site. This is the third iteration since I have been here near the beginning. For me, this seems the most challenging.

This is not at all intuitive. I am finding the change quite cumbersome. I am forced to view threads that I have no/little interest in when I come onto this site.

Ugh. :nauseated_face:



So, after posting an new topic, I get sent to a place which lists some of the topics I have posted in the past. Ugh. Those threads are dead and gone, Why am i reminded of the inane topics that I posted in the past. Ugh.


They shouldn’t do this to old people…

As grayhawk said the new format shows much less of the actual posts and much much more “other stuff” (including old thread titles). And - giant heckling suggestions. If you don’t log in “you seem interested, why don’t you open an account?”. “Do you want to add a picture to your profile?”. Unless the rest of you requested more heckling and interference the changes do not seem customer-driven.

Can you tell me more about this? What threads are you being forced to view?

I’ve always said - don’t get old.


Im in my mid 30’s and I can say this is a very strange and cumbersome Forum template.

I see what you mean about prompts and ‘suggestions’.

I hate new forums. The ones from the early 2000’s serve me just fine.
My favorites are https://www.pbnation.com/forum.php or https://www.surfski.info/forum/recent.html

They are easy to follow. This new template is very difficult to identify what is a post, what is a category, where one ends and another begins, etc. this is all the fault of smartphones. im sure this ‘works better’ on a phone, but I always view it on a PC, and its a major downgrade.

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For those that prefer a classic look, I just added a new theme you can use to have a bit more of the circa 2000’s feel.

Click on the menu and choose the Classic Theme


@sing The newly added classic theme brings some order to the visual chaos. Give it a try.

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Old people, hell. They shouldn’t do this to ANYONE.

How does one log off?

Click on your icon on top image then Log Out from the drop down (at least on a Win10 PC)

I don’t care what anyone says/; this redo is a stinker and it doesn’t matter which version you try. It keeps wanting me to sign up for an account. Somehow I thought I had an account all these years. Anyway if there is a way to sign up for an account, it remains a mystery to me.

Thank you. I suspect it was just a user issue

Well it looks like Brian has posted all kinds of helpful info. I appreciate the balanced and positive replies from rival51 and others. I am one of those people that just hates to spend time on “IT stuff” but overall the change seems better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick. I think much of the backlash is because the real reason (or need) for the change was not openly/honestly communicated (to my knowledge) before the change was made.

You obviously have an account since you’re here. :slightly_smiling_face:. I clear my computer cache and cookies before I shut it down so I always get that sign-up pop up until I do sign in. Happened with the previous version as well.

Throughout our paddling lifetimes…was anyone concerned about how many “LIKES” we accumulated?..LOL

Steve (still in Maine)

All you need to do is tap on the login button and if you are already logged in on the main site, it will send you right back.

Otherwise, you may just need to login on paddling.com.

If you still see the login message after that, send me a private message.

Thanks… I guess :man_shrugging:

Sorry if we didn’t tell everyone with enough warning but the timeline was very fluid up until about 48 hours before we made the change. I am glad that our web developer was able to keep the old version of the forums well-enough that y’all didn’t notice that it was struggling. From our end, we kept having to put out :fire: to keep it from running really slowly or crashing.

There were several times in the last month when the forum pages would take up to 30 seconds to load.
Now the page load time is under 5 seconds!

One other thing on the old version of the forums that personally drove me crazy was the method for logging in. I would often get stuck in a loop where it said I was not logged in but I really was. The new method is way better.

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Thanks for the explanation of “struggling behind the scene”.

I’ve also had login/logout difficulty in the past.