I bought a Mad River Independence

Well, I bought another “new” boat.

It is a 1993 Mad River Independence with factory spray skirt that hadn’t seen water in over seven years.

I just got off the water. Wow! what a boat. I finally get what the hype was about. Its not a perfect boat by any stretch but it does just enough things right to be a keeper

Congratulations! Pictures? (nm)

Will get them up
I’m a big boy so I’m curious to see the pics just to see how much freeboard I have

Boy, Dave, you sure been busy lately buying a lot of nice canoes. I’m jealous.


My canoe budget was flush…
I had to sell the Probe and the Canyon because of knee issues and the proceeds from that sale allowed me to buy the Mistral (did you hear about the delamination issue?).

I had an old Disco that my wife threatened to use as a planter if I didn’t sell it. I put it up on Craig’s List and two hours later it was sold. Believe it or not, I took the proceeds of the Disco sale and bought a barely used Indy for not a lot of money