I bought a used Klepper Aerius II yesterday

I bought this Klepper on eBay with full sailing equipment. The fabric skin looks to need some repairs, so I may try them or just buy a new one from Long Haul. I’m looking forward to paddling it, though it may have to wait until my next trip to the Seattle area (where it will be located). This has some sentimental value for me … as a young man (before the War), my father had one and paddled it extensively in the estuaries of the Weser River in northern Germany.

You are apt to find more fellow folder owners on the forums at foldingkayaks.org. That’s where I regularly go when I need advice or want to share conversations about my own “bag boats” (Feathercraft and Pakboat). Not as many members as on here so sometimes it takes days or weeks to get a response, but it is useful to do a topic search if you need specific information.