I bought my Ambush two seater used with no papers. I can't finde serial numbers anywhere on outside of vessle. I want to register it so that I may put TXU numbers for motor on it. Can anyone help

Need help locating serial numbers on the used Ambush two seater by OCEAN KAYAk, 800-8 KAYAKS, that I bought. It came with no papers. The person I bought it from won’t answer any of my texts anymore. What can I do

Maybe contact Ocean Kayaks and ask them. If there is a number somewhere they will know where it is.

Welcome. As far as I can tell, that boat isn’t made anymore and Ocean Kayak is now part of Old Town Corp. You might consider contacting them to see if they know.

There is also this from a google search “Where to Find the serial number on an Ocean Kayak”

Where is the serial number on Ocean Kayak?

You can find the serial number for your kayak on the back cover of the Owner’s Manual included with your boat. The serial number is also located on each kayak approximately 6" from the stern on the starboard side of the boat (the right-hand side of a boat when you are facing the front front).

You might have to contact the agency that is requiring the serial number. I’m sure that you aren’t the first person to run into this problem. Especially with older boats not all of them came with a serial number. My 1999 Necky Arluk 1.9 does not have a serial number and there isn’t one on the original bill of sale. Fortunately I’ve never needed one.

Ocean Kayak was purchased by Johnson Outdoors (previously known as Johnson Wax Associates) the same year that they bought Necky. They bought Old Town Canoe in 2004. Johnson Outdoors is a huge company that owns a number of other companies such as Scubapro, Jetboil, and Eureka! among others.

It might help if you bought the boat with a check instead of cash. If you know where the person you bought the boat from lives you might be able to have him sign a simple bill of sale that you could write out.