i broke down and bought a new car

where i screwed up is not checking where to tie off my painters… hyundai santa fes have smooth plastic undersides fore and aft…(rather flimsy ones) … im going to bolt on those web strap loops under the hood and i guess ill use those rubber things with the loop around it that you close into the hatch on the back unless anyone has a better idea … i get nervous when i spend alot of money and dont think everything out good but you would think that you could tie somthing off close around the bumpers after all its billed as a suv… other than that i like the darn thing …

They work fine
There is no need to look for tow hooks front and rear…Which you will hardly ever find nowadays anyway unless its built overseas and might have to be chained on the ship.

I remember the days when we loved to go into car showrooms…pretend to ogle cars…look underneath for tow hooks or appropriate holes for rope, then just say to the sales man “That car won’t do because it lacks places to secure my rope for the canoe.” And walk out as the salesguys face flaps in befuddlement.

Or raingutters
remember rain gutters?

they got rid of raingutters
so they could overcharge for racks…got lucky there factory siderails saved me money

got artificial ones

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My old rack system is fine. I just got a new truck with cap..( well the cap was hardly free). New fake raingutters installed on the cap for fifty bucks. Old rack system otherwise transfers exactly as is.

The factory roof rack would have added four hundred to the cost of the vehicle. We waffled alot on that one but the bars would not have been wide enough anyway so we would have had to add railgrabbers at another hundred and fifty.

The cap was wicked expensive but rack or no rack I would have put it on anyhow.

Once they stop making artificial raingutters I am done..

I went with
Yakima rail grabs ,66" bars , 2 sets of load stops ,locks …$330 and some change so far but i kept the trac rack off my pickup and was going to sell it to help offset that cost … will probably put a faring on it to reduce wind noise ,that or remove them when im not using them…

look closely
On the rear bumper there may be a small, square cut out that is hard to detect unless you know it’s there. My Hyundai has it. Push in the square tab and screw in the round metal piece for a rear tie down.

My car also has a perfect place for a hook or strap in the middle front, underneath for the bow tie down. I had to lie down on the ground to find it the first time.

Hope your Hyundai has the same features,


ill check that out , thanks

I used the child safety seat anchors
behnind the rear seat on my Elantra. I just tied in ropes to the anchors and made them long enough so the loop on the end of the roop just came out beyond the closed hatch. I tie the tie-down lines into those loops.

I am not sure if they are really strong enough or not, but if they are supposed to hold a child seat in place during a crash I hope the safety margin is enough to hold my kayak.


VW has a place for a tie down
When you buy your new VW, ask for a second eye bolt or tow bolt (because that is what the salespersons might think they are for).

One for the front and one for the back. Have them install them - so you don’t have to search under the plastic fascade for where the holes are.

I was lucky to have my kayak tied down this past weekend when my thule J cradle base cracked while I was on the highway.

You Didn’t Sell That GMC?
Say it aint so, Jack, I liked that truck! I may be driving a Ford right now, but I have always been a Chevy/GM guy. Almost feels like I’m cheating on my wife, driving that F-150! I find myself “Looking” at every Chevy or GMC truck I pass, especially those prior to the body changeover. May that purty champagne colored truck RIP!

it was time Terry
gas was draining me … but now my car payment will be … for a while anyway … I liked that chevy and it will make someone a good used truck but i put eighty dollars worth of gas in it the other day and it still wasnt full…this one will get 24 to 26 on the highway has lots of room for gear …lectric winders and locks (im allready liking that) and it smells better when im not in it …but yeah i do miss her…