I broke my seat

on my VCP Aquanaut for the second time this weekend … I don’t know if it is the seat design itself or maybe it is just my fat ass?? When this happened the first time I had only paddled the kayak a few times and my local outfitter replaced the seat. Now it has been over a year and I really doubt if getting another seat from Valley is a good solution.

I’ve seen people with broken seats in NDK boats, which were fixed by either using a Valley foam seat or cutting their own custom seat from mini-cell foam. Has anyone had similar problems with VCP boats and found a good solution? Also, since the backband is attached to the seat does anyone know of a good solution for connecting the backband to the kayak?


Broken Seat
I would stay away from the foam seat. I just recently thought I need a new seat in my Legend and installed a foam one from Valley. Bad move. I was in agony from improper seat angle and lack of thigh support. I immediately ripped it out and put the old Legend seat that had apparently shrunk back in after whittling on it a bit with the dremel sander. I paddled 4 hours yesterday and all was well. Bottom line? The foam seat SUCKS! Possibly a custom foam seat like the one offered for a handsom price from Redfish Designs would be OK.

Broken Seat
Funny (although it wasn’t when I noticed it) but my Legend seat cracked when I had it out in some tumbling surf a week ago. I didn’t realize it at the time as it cracked at the corner where the back and bottom come together. I wonder if Seaward would be willing to take care of it, or how much it might cost?

onnopaddler on Pnet, aka Pat
makes custom seats. If you plan to keep the boat for a length of time, getting the right seat is paramount. Email onnopaddler.

second cd1
I have an ONNO seat in my QCC, awesome seat and easy to install.


Personal preference
The Valley foam seat may not work for YOU, but that doesn’t make it a bad product. Lots of people like them just fine. Seating is a very personal thing. What works for me may not work for you and vice versa.

Just curious
How do you buy a custom seat over the internet? Do you have to mail a butt imprint? Sit on the photocopier at work?

If the original seat was OK, was there a
reason it couldn’t be fixed with glass and cloth? I haven’t seen many touring/sea kayak seats. Mostly I’ve dealt with hanging seats in composite WW boats. Few would break, but they were then easily fixed with glass and epoxy. Is your seat made of a material that won’t epoxy?

I made a foam seat for one composite kayak. I’m not sure that fancy thigh support is as important as lateral thigh support and proper pelvis support. Holding the thighs up may seem to help make up for sketchy lateral thigh, and foot support, but if the thigh and foot support parameters are correct, there is little need for thigh support.

A trained professional
will come to your house and make a mold of your seat. It’s becoming a lucrative profession in this age of increasing customization.

At least that’s what the matchbook said…:wink:

Realistically, I suppose you could use a can of expanding foam insulation and a trash bag to make a mold.