I did a couple sets of sequence photos,

I’d appreciate comments.



Excellent shots. What was the level?
My only Lower Keeney run was closer to the first sequence.

Your skills are great and the photography and commentary is just awesome. Thanks for sharing.

About 6" on Fayette Station bridge.

Very nice!

Very Nice
Nice shots of some fine boaters.




Nice job!
Excellent photos & commentary.

Some excellent boaters; especially when you consider the speed & power of that section of water.


Mike, I saw the first sequence on Riversmallies. Great stuff. Nice to see you over here.

Great Job!
Excellent photography, and great comments!

Thanks… that was very cool of you to share…

Great Job Mike
I saw your post on RS too. Awesome shots and great commentary. Although I’ve run Lower Kenney 100+ times in a yak (back in the day), I only tried it 3 times in a solo canoe. Got lucky and made it twice without a swim. The folks in the pics obviously have some single blade skills.

Were the pics taken from the eddy below Meat Grinder or from up on the rocks using telephoto?

Are the pics/commentary for a presentation?


Good entry for contest next year
Hi Mike, these sequences will make a really good entry in the Coastals photo/video contest next year. You get my vote for first place!

Thanks for posting them here on p.net

Andy Lee

Great photgraphy and commentary is excellent.

Thanks for the words,
Just me fooling around. :slight_smile:

Yeah, they were taken in one of the top eddy’s on river right.

Thanks all.

Excellent job Mike, Photos are very
clear and sharp. And nice perspective of the drop. What is your camera and lens?

Thanks for the words,

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Ended up with three sequences. Improved and cleaned up.

(For equipment info, click on photos and hunt exif link.)

[Canoe on Lower Keeney -- Roll at bottom](http://mikesawyer.smugmug.com/gallery/2421877)

[Alicia in canoe on Lower Keeney -- dry run.](http://mikesawyer.smugmug.com/gallery/2425194)

[Cahil kayaking Lower Keeney -- easy run.](http://mikesawyer.smugmug.com/gallery/2424954)

Thanks Mike
Such nice photography … I really like the commentary. Now, I’m just hoping you’ll give us the answers to the questions you asked in the Alicia commentary.

Quality like this makes daily visits to p.net worthwhile. Do more!

Wow, I finally took a look at this. Those are some darned good boaters! I liked the explanations of what was going on too. I take it that near the end of the first sequence, where the guy started to tip toward the upstream side, that the average current was faster than the downstream progression of the boat, based on your comments about bracing on the upstream side being ineffective. That’s the sort of thing I’d never have known just by looking at the photos. In that instance and several others, your comments really help the viewer to understand what’s happening. In short, each of these sequences was much more enjoyable for me than a video would have been (where the overall view would degrade to nothing more than a bobbing boat bouncing through the foam). Thanks!

Loved the pictures and the descripions
Very well done. Thanks for posting them. Quite the paddler friends you’ve got too.

Great photos and comments. Thanks for posting.