i did it, i bought one...

i just bought a 120 tarpon. if you have one, do you like it? +'s and -'s of it? anxious for it to get here!!

Congratulations. You’ll love it.

Review a.s.a.p.
A sot is something i’ve been considering for some time now. The Tarpon 120 is the exact model that i’ve been interested in. You have to post some reviews with the pro’s & con’s.

I’ve got 3 sit in side kayaks and a canoe but always thougt a sot would be great for fishing. May have to sell something to justify another boat purchase. My wife keeps looking at the garage filling up with boats and fishing tackle.

Let us know how you like the boat.

I don’t have a 120 but we have a 100 and a 140.

Quite happy with them.

The 140 is my first yak with a rudder. I really, really, really like the rudder too. Makes drifting a shoreline easier and helps while taking a sleigh ride.

Congrats and enjoy!!!

Never heard a bad comment
I don’t have one but know several folks who do and have never heard a bad thing about them. Sounds like you got a great boat. Now lets go fishing!

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mines on the way
decided on the X-treme Malibu. took a lot of soul searching and reading to go with SoT instead of traditional. I think the big factor was getting wet, especially in the mid-Atlantic. but hell I have been diving for years and wearing wet gear can extend the season. besides, I did not want a flip and bail in October…

I’ve done both
Both SOT and SINK have their advantages. It’s nice to have a no lose situation where either decision’s a winner!

Have a great time fishing from your kayak.

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