I did it!

Well, left the office early today> Had it my head to set up the Artisan Millenium with a Pacific Action Sail. Hardest part was convincing myself it would be ok to drill a few holes in the boat. That was the hard part. The rest fell into place beautifully. The directions I got with it left a lot to be desired. Had to reread it every step of the way. Some better photo’s would have helped. Once I got going, the rigging was a snap. Ingeniously simple rig.

Now all I have to do is go out and try it. Not this weekend! Wife gave me my marching orders already for the weekend. Paint this, paint that, install new mail slot, clean up the yard… maybe during the week, next week.


send some Pic’s!! My Mill is in the shop getting re-built. all the cracks and crunches fixed and a custom paint job.


First time out I’ll take a bunch. I think we all want to see the custom paint job on yours Shawn!


It’s still
getting the glass work done. I’m looking at doing a Limegreen with black overspray mixed in and a black web like patterns. White on bottom. I’ll take pic’s as soon as it gets done. Should be interesting looking anyway.


Wait a minute, waaaiit a minute!

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You tell that wife of yours - you're going out this weekend and use that new fangled Action Sail thing of yours and that's that!


You don’t know my wife…
She has plans that our house look top notch in time for my daughters wedding shower May 20th. If I went paddling this weekend, I’d never hear the end of it and she would make my life miserable. I got some miserable customers through work, that’s fine during the week. I don’t need that crap on weekends. lol


You got a skin tight spiderman suit to go with that boat?


The only trouble I have had with my P/A sail is the soreness in my facial muscles resulting from the ear-to-ear smile I seem to wear each time I’m out in a good breeze.

Happy Sailing


To your last post to me. That would be just to scary!!!

One thing a man MUST know about women…
ANYTIME the word “wedding” is involved in an exchange between a man and woman, the man is to shut-up and do what he’s told.