I did it !!!

I finally took the leap & ordered my Yak !! Will be in early May. I’m excited beyond belief ! Can’t wait to get my hands on it. I have some rigging to do. Looks like I better buy,buy,buy !!! Wife is gonna love this. Hehehehe. Picked out a Tarpon 120.Lt. lime. Went with that because I thought the color wouldn’t spook the fish in shallow water.Can’t wait for the maiden voyage.Of course after winter. Here in NE Ohio everything is froze solid.Now when is that Spring coming ??

You’ll like the Tarpon 120, they’re sweet. I’m waiting on my Commander 120 to come in.

Don’t worry about spooking fish. I’ve run over many schools of redfish in bright orange kayaks and they don’t seem to care. I’ve had more than a few bump into it as if it wasn’t even there.

Ditto what druminator said about kayak color. the fish dont’ seem to care.

Get a PFD that you’ll wear and a decent paddle. I prefer a shorter paddle for fishing than you’d usually use for just plain old paddling.

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Thank you guys for the advice. Wished I knew about the color. I really liked the mango color. Thought it would make a difference.That is why I went with the light lime. Oh well. Live & learn. Once again,thank you both.

Color does make one bit of difference
That is being seen by other boaters. If you’ll be in an area with power boaters, you may appreciate having a visibly colored kayak.

Don’t worry about it. I’ve got green, red, and white kayaks and I pick them for the water I’ll be on and how I’ll be fishing and not for the color.

Just get it out there and get it scratched up. And it may not be too late to change color if it’s not going to be shipped to you for a couple of months.

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I think lime kayaks look really cool …

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..... as matter of fact I think all bright and wild colored kayaks look just right and as they should be .

Now if it were a canoe , that's another story altogether ... then again , what do I know , I don't kayak , but if I did it would be a bright wild thing in the form of a creek boat .

Here's hoping you enjoy your new Tarpon and do that fishin thing as much as possible ... good stuff !!

I hope you really enjoy your new boat. Mine is bright yellow. Maybe THATS why I never catch anything ; )