I did it 🎉🎉

And maybe a VHF radio, one with an “Oh Sh$t” button…

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, Thank you! I have a pfd, a kokatat… bought a safety kit, and tow rope …now I have to buy the gear…going broke ! and I laughed out loud oh the oh sh** button!! haha!!! :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy:

There’s two kinds of portable marine radios…those with and those without a “please send help” button. You cannot count on your phone to summon assistance – it could get wet, the battery could die, you could be out of range, you could be in fog and have no idea where you are…

If you will be kayaking on open water, you need a radio. And if there’s any chance of needing help, pronto, you probably want one with an “assistance” button. Press the button and help is summoned. They know where you are. They know you need help. They’ll send resources.

Note – this is not “I’m tired and I’d like a ride home” request. This is “my life is in danger and I do not reasonably expect to self-rescue…”

Coast guard helos and crews are expensive and are needed for real rescues.

On that note, your kayak also needs an “IF FOUND, CONTACT” decal. You can get one for free from most local harbormasters…or maybe a kayak shop. Otherwise you can order one for a few dollars at the paddling.com store.

Sounds like you’re describing a VHS/DSC radio. The USCG “If found” labels are available in the pCom store.

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Yes. I added the link to the pCom store. Thanks!

I will look in to it , thank you for sharing, I do appreciate it!

Hey Greeniegirl, did you get your Sitka ST, and can you tell us how you like it?

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Good morning :sunny:
It’s a long story, but I did not. Thank you for asking! I did get a rio , I have the Sitka ST on Pre order for this spring.
Being a newbie I needed to see if I would enjoy paddling first, felt I was getting ahead of myself with an expensive boat, with a question mark. It’s all good, I will have the Sitka in early April/late March.

Love paddling!!

Thank you!!

Sounds great, thanks for replying, and please let us know how you like the Sitka in the spring. :slight_smile:

Just wanted to let you know, in case you’re interested, there’s a new Sitka ST on sale in Cape Cod craigslist for $1800. (Yes, I troll CL in the area constantly in search of upgrades.) I know you said you already ordered and Boston is a ways from LI, but just in case… I guess it’s not much savings! Happy paddling until the spring.


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That one’s not far from me. My CL search is programmed for “Current Designs kayak”… always looking to expand the fleet. :slight_smile:

Hi, wow !! Thank you!! I already put half down for pre order! I took a peek at the ad and wow, literally brand new!!

Thank you for Sharing that!! I appreciate it very much! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Thanks for Sharing.