I did it πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰

Just wanted to share that I have ordered A yellow Sitka ST :yellow_heart::yellow_heart::yellow_heart:. She will be in the first week in August! Thanks again to all who steered me in the right direction, it stopped me from buying a boat that wouldn’t fit my paddling needs … A big kudos to Rookie for guidance and encouragement, it’s because of Rookie, I made the right choice. I am still pinching myself and very excited!! Thanks again to all of you , I hope one day I have enough knowledge to help people, just like I had help from you :yellow_heart:


Mega congrats on your new boat and paddling journey! Hope you stick around here and let us know what you think of the boat and how things are going for you. I sure hope you have as much fun with it as I’ve had with my Samba.

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Congrats! Looking forward to your first outing report!


Good choice. Safe paddling!

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Excellent! Yellow is classic. Hope you will love it.

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Aww thank you so much Rookie!!! You helped a lot!!

I almost switched to the equinox, but they thought the cockpit may have been too big for me, also better to have a skeg with open water paddling. Now let’s just hope I stay in the boat lol

Yes I am staying around for sure!!

Thank you!!! :blush::blush::blush:

Thank you!! I love the yellow also and no doubt I will love it :blush::blush:

Thanks so much!! :blush::blush:

Congratulations on your fine choice in both boat and color. We each here on P.com have shared your giddy excitement awaiting a new kayak. Eddyline makes a wonderful product sold through reputable dealers. Please take time to thoroughly inspect every surface and nook and cranny for any shipping or handling damages before car topping home. Make sure hatches, skeg, foot braces and seat adjustment all function smoothly. If a total boat weight was promised, take a scale and confirm. I am sure you will enjoy many fun and safe outings in your beautiful boat. Please let us know how and where she takes you.


Thank you Andy! Great advice!! It won’t be in until the first week of August , waiting patiently lol

Yes we all feel excited when getting something new.
Truly something to be happy about. I kind of got bamboozled on fb paddling group referring to my choice between the Sitka or equinox. I was actually going to order the equinox for my first boat , mainly for its stability and me being new at kayaking

My primary paddling will be on a bay. The conditions are always different and at times unpredictable.

Eddyline thought the Sitka would be a better fit. Felt the equinox was too big for me in the cockpit.

They also know I will be paddling in open water. The skeg will help out a lot if the conditions change with wind or gets a little more choppy while I am out

I am very happy with my choice and I feel in time my boat would be second nature to me. We are all different in size and what we will be paddling in.

I will be honest, I was a little upset with some comments. So I deeply appreciate the vote of confidence

Looking forward to reading everyone’s posts and experiences as well.

As always, safe paddling :rowing_woman::blush:

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Now the long wait. lol. Congrats on the new boat.

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Thank you!! I will use the time to buy all my gear lol


Now for Paddles and PFD. And depending on where you are going to paddle, immersion outfit. {wet suit combo or dry suit or bibs and a paddle jacket}


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You made a good choice. Enjoy assembly the rest of the stuff.

Hi and thank you. I will be paddling in the bay in Long Island as my primary. I guess towards fall I will need a wetsuit, water is pretty warm. I have a check list, I will definitely add these to it!!

Thank you again!!
Safe paddling!!

Which - Great South Bay? Not the Sound. Yes I hope?

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Hi Celia, you are a long islander? I wasn’t referring to the Long Island sound… I am on the south shore. is that where you paddle? Eventually I will be heading to north fork to paddle. , love it up there!! We will have to paddle one day soon for sure! :blush::blush::blush:

I am upstate. But my husband was from Bellport and then lived further out east before moving north. So I know that stretch.

Don’t take the South Bay too casually. Someone does every year and becomes a newspaper story. It does get wind.

But you should find lots of launching spots, so once you get some skills under you will have fun. Once in a very long time I visit down there, will let you know if such a trip is on the horizon.

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Hi! It’s nice upstate, so many great places to paddle and very beautiful!! We once owned acreage in Indian lake and we spent time in Saratoga back when my son was on his high school crew team. Love it.

Thank you for looking out for me. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I lived on the south shore my entire life In a waterfront community

The great South Bay is at the end of our block.
I sail and paddle board, my husband is a motor boat guy since he was about eight years old. He lived on the water growing up and his mother was there a life time until she lost her house in Sandy.

I will not go out when it’s too choppy, or weekends when all the motor boats are out there. At Sunrise and sunset the bay is usually very calm and like glass… perfect for paddling.

After many lessons and practice, I will venture out a little more. I am planning on joining Long Island paddlers… they have all different classes, group paddles all over Long Island and a few socials a year. It will be fun

Yes, definitely reach out when you are down here, bring your kayak !!
Thank you again!!